Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twork it out!

I am always mentioning boot camp in my posts, so if anyone is wondering about it, here's some info.  I signed up for this program because of a groupon a couple of months ago.  I am always looking for new ways to stay motivated and new workouts to keep me from getting bored.  In my opinion, the Twork it out fitness camp is the best thing Ive found in the Des Moines area in a long time. 

The instructor, Pin, gives each person in class one on one encouragement, tips on form, etc so you are held accountable and not just in the back of a 40 person class slacking because you're tired.  I give my all 100% of the time we are there.  Classes last 35-45 minutes, but you are moving constantly.  If you are interested in giving it a try, Pin's phone number is 1 515.423.7444 and his email is sarinp_99@hotmail.com, tell him I sent you and you get a month for $65, I promise you wont want to quit, my friend Brandy and I just signed up for 3 months more.  Here is the website for the boot camp: http://www.tworkitoutfitness.com/


  1. i just purchased a Groupon for a month's worth of group training in Chicago!! I hope I can be as motivated as you, Abby! Gotta get in shape for RAGBRAI! Maybe I'll run into you this year! :-)

  2. Yes, esp since it's in Carroll, we have to be sure to meet up! Really looking forward to this year!