Thursday, March 24, 2011

Under the weather...

Funny that the first day I start a blog, I walk into the house after work and Justin is whipping up dinner since he knew I wasn't feeling good that day. He's actually really great about that :) His best specialty is garbage spagetti, and I dont mean garbage because its horrible...the kid makes phenomenal spag.

For some reason, it is one meal that no matter what I do, I cannot replicate...Im sure that means he sneaks a stick of butter (or a stick of love in his words) in the sauce while Im not looking. The garbage spagetti premise is basically everything that he can find in the house that would work in pasta goes right into the saucepan. Last night (from what I saw) was a pound of ground hamburger AND a pound of ground Italian sausage, although we didnt have the large kielbasa looking Italian sausages he usually adds to the mix as well. No wonder his always tastes better, with 3 different kinds of full fat meat, its bound to beat out the 97/3 hamburger version that I make! From there I saw a flurry of spices as well as crushed tomatoes with green chiles, 2 cans of sauce (one was garlic and herb, one was 4 cheese), spinach, an onion, fresh cloves of garlic, and wouldve been some mushrooms in there had I not been slacking on the groceries. There couldve been more in there, but I was enjoying sitting down, coughing, and talking to him while he cooked so I wasnt paying full attention to the ingrediants. The finished product:

Anyway, I realize this is meant to be a skinny kid recipe blog, which is what is normally on our dinner table...but last night's meal was too good not to post, I promise next week will be up to par when Im feeling better. I know some people may think spagetti is spagetti but I beg to differ after meeting Justin...and no I dont even try to estimate the number of calories in this plate. There are a few ways you can skinny up your pasta though which he is surprisingly not opposed to, one being switching to whole wheat noodles. They taste a little different at first (my mom actually had to mix half wheat, half white noodles for a while to get my dad to eat them) but I dont think the different taste is bad, its just different. I used to use ground turkey in my spagetti instead of hamburger, but that doesnt fly with will learn there are some things you just cant substitute. You dont mess with Justin's spagetti meat! Although I wouldnt recommend eating his spagetti once a week, it is the perfect comfort food when feeling a little under the weather.

The result of my binge: laying on the couch pregnant with pasta but still wanting a little endcap to my night around 9 pm before I hit the nyquil and the sack simultaneously. I am going to provide you with the best product you will ever find for those of you who have a sweet tooth. I actually don't have much of one, maybe just a ghost of one of my baby teeth that fell out...I dont really like candy, dont crave chocolate, and can pass at dessert most of the time with no problem (usually because Im so full from dinner that I dont have a choice, there's just no where to put it). Ice cream would be the exception to that rule. I love me some Snickers ice cream. Ive probably had one Snickers bar in the past 10 years but if you throw some ice cream in it, Im rendered completely powerless.

A while back I discovered the Edy's triple churned french silk which is surprisingly not too bad for you (130 calories per serving). The problem with that number? A serving is a half a cup. Can you picture a half a cup of ice cream? Let me tell you from experience that its nothing short of a feat to look in your bowl at a half a cup of the sweetness while staring at a half gallon of it trying to put away the full container...I almost always had 3 servings or more. As I said, powerless. But it was the best I could find.....Until THIS! Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are the bomb diggety (yes, I just said bomb diggety and these are the epitamy of that phrase)!!

I realize its tricking myself because this is not much larger than a half a cup of ice cream, but I dont have to measure out the serving size and for some reason eating 2 ice cream sandwiches just seems to be over the top, where as a large bowl of ice cream is very reasonable (my mind works in mysterious ways). If you havent tried these yet, get to it! My favorite is the cookies and cream version, and although they are a little expensive they are worth it for the portion controlled fat-tastic tasting dessert in my opinion. Im a little ashamed to admit if there is only one left, I sometimes hide the box underneath a bag of broccoli or something not so appealing in the freezer so I am not disappointed when I come for it....I really hope Justin is not reading today's post :)


  1. Dear Daughter, If you eat your snickers ice-cream with a baby spoon. Yes, I do have one left from when you two were little. It tricks your brain in to thinking it is getting more bites of a tasty treat. But I do love a Skinny Cow!

  2. Hey Ab, conrats on the blog. I'll blog following you from Idaho