Friday, August 26, 2011

Baked cheese sticks

If you haven't tried you need to get on that.  It's my new obsession...tons of great recipe ideas, plus crafts, DIY projects, neat products, just all around great ideas that leave me sitting there thinking that I HAVE to try each thing. So I save them all on my account and try them as I get time...this came from pinterest and has been on my list since the minute I saw it.

I had extra eggroll wrappers from the buffalo chicken eggrolls the other day, plus Cynthia is literally a cheese stick connoisseur, the cheese stick master, and the judge of all things cheese...and as luck would have it she was coming for dinner on Thursday with her hungry baby Hofer belly.  Perfect! 

This is almost too easy to post as a recipe.  Like I feel like I'm cheating the blogging world of a recipe when it really only has 2 ingredients and takes 2 seconds to whip together.  But hey, I'm a sucker for a shortcut so here goes.

string cheese
egg roll wrappers

That's literally all you need.  No playing.  Now there were a couple of things I learned though.  Apparently "light" string cheese is just smaller pieces of the normal string cheese.  Less calories, yes...but very tricky wording, string cheese manufacturers.  I've got my eye on you.  So I would get the full sticks next time as I was left wanting a little more cheese in each stick. 

Wrap the cheese up in the egg roll wrappers. 

Put on baking sheet. 

Sprinkle with italian seasoning and garlic powder (recipe didnt call for that, I just thought they needed some sort of seasoning). 

Bake at 425 degrees for 10 minutes, flipping them over halfway through.  Done.  Finished. Complete. 

Remove from the oven and let cool, serve with marinara sauce or ranch.  Results?  They were good for homemade cheese sticks.  Nothing like you would get in a a restaurant, but I think that's because they're not fried, and what in the world isn't better when it's thrown in a hot grease pit to crisp up?  Nothing, that's what.  But my thighs can't handle fried cheese all the time, so this is a decent substitution in my book.  Killed the craving and was a perfect appetizer to the main course which will be posted in a moment...get excited, because this was DELISH!

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  1. Mmmm! I have to try if I go grocery shopping tomorrow!

  2. A little cooking spray will make them crispy.

  3. The first time I tried these, I couldn't find the egg roll wraps, so I used Spring roll skins (made from rice paper) They are OK in a pinch, but I like the wraps better.
    Having some now, with ranch dressing...