Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welp, here goes....

I've thrown around the idea of doing a blog plenty of times in the past, but its just like everything else in life: thinking about it does not get it done.

I have plenty of rationalizations (that term sounds much better than excuses, doesnt it?) for not wanting to start an ongoing project like this one, the main one being time constraints. If I really think about it though, anything I want to do requires me to make the time, not find the time. There is no way to have extra hours in the day unless you make them, so Im going to attempt to make a few extra hours a month to post my ramblings.

Another rationalization I've had repeatedly is who really wants to read a post about what I had for dinner last night? Everyone I know is just as busy as I am and Ive questioned if its sort of narcisstic to think that they really want to hear about how I put the tuscan chicken spices into the mexican lasagna and vice versa as I was pre-making meals one night, or how good the new recipe I found was compared to how little calories it had in it...those are things that really only effect me and Justin, as he's the one who has to listen to me rant or rave about my latest discovery or debacle.

I always post pictures of our dinners on Facebook and have been told by multiple people to start something so Im hoping that narcissism thing isnt true. Also, Ive come to realize that I enjoy reading people's blogs about what they do with their kids (even though I dont have children), how grad school is going (even though Im not enrolled), and how to live with a chronic pain disease or depression (even though Im diagnosed with neither). So maybe people do want to hear about my daily battle with the calorie counter inside me and how to fight fat without losing taste?

As I mentioned before, I dont have any time for things I dont make time is one thing I make time for, but I do cut corners. How I wouldnt love to make my own homemade pasta and pasta sauce when we have spagetti? Wouldnt it be great to create my own rues and sauces for every dish I put on a plate? How about coming home to the wonderful smell of homemade bread in the bread maker? Not happening...but I like my food to taste like that's the norm. These recipes will all be good for during the week dinners where you dont spend all night in the kitchen. Hell, Im no Rachel Ray...I have to get up and go to my big kid job, get a workout in, clean the house, and keep up on my trashy tv shows like all the rest of you so I dont want to slave away in the kitchen till 10 pm every night either. One warning: if you dont know me...I love spicy, so if you or your digestive system are squeamish with hotness, I suggest toning down 80% of the recipes listed on here as they are posted.

Finally, even though cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, I do have quite a bit more I would like to post about if I get the gumption (in Abby language: we'll see if I get bored with this). Running season just started, Im starting to buy seeds to plant the garden in the coming weeks, summer is always full of fun long weekends and the always eventful RAGBRAI week, so this will not be strictly a food blog, but a blog of all things Abby. Hope you enjoy :)

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