Monday, December 17, 2012


Just a little heads up...from me to you. I am a coupon freak. I mean, I'm not one of those crazy couponers who have a binder of 30 cents off clippings who take an hour to check out of the grocery store and stockpile food and toiletries in their homes...but I do love me a good deal just as much as the next girl. Main Man used to be a little embarrassed about using Groupons to go out to eat, or printouts from, or whatever my latest deal is. But if I can save a $20 bill going out to eat, I'm gonna do it!

My friend (and maid of honor), Cynthia is the queen of deals, reading fine print, and all things to do with savings...and is very good at passing along deals to me when she thinks I may be interested. She recently took a couponing course which gave tips for savings in different shopping scenarios, and she passed this one along to me knowing that I do ALL my shopping online...literally, all of it. I hate stores, people! I get all sweaty and anxious even thinking about going to a mall this time of year...ew. Anyway, the website she directed me to is Ebates, where you make an account and then proceed to your favorite stores websites (there's tons of them, I haven't looked for one that they don't have yet) and shop like you normally would. Ebates generates a ticket when you click to your store's normal website and tracks if you place an order with them or not. If you do place an order, each store offers a different moneyback percentage. My favorite store lately is JCrew and they offer 6% cashback on any purchases. So I just shop for what I want, click through my purchasing, and I get 6% cashback on things I was going to purchase anyway!! Ebates saves your money up from the various websites you shop at after the purchases are confirmed, and loads cash onto your account to send you out a check when it reaches a certain limit. Right now I have $20 waiting for me as well as a $10 Target gift card for making my first purchase after signing up for Ebates. I mean, you're not gonna get rich doing it, but why wouldn't I take a little extra cash back on purchases I was going to make anyway??

Soooooo, in case any of you are interested...go ahead and click HERE to get signed up and registered to shop like you normally would! Just make sure you go to Ebates first, and then continue onto your normal websites you shop at....AND today they are offering free shipping on most of the stores as well! Ebates does not effect any sales or promotions the stores are putting on themselves if you have any Christmas shopping to get done before you can't get things shipped anymore, go ahead and set yourself up to get a little check with extra cash back in January...I know I'm excited to get mine! Happy holidays, everyone!

*I am in no way affiliated with Ebates, this message contains my own words and opinions.

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  1. UGH! Seriously wish I would have signed up for this before I did my Christmas shopping... Which was all done via the www. I'd be a few dollars richer right now.

    1. I know! I just found out about it a couple weeks ago, after the majority of my Christmas shopping was done already...but I've still gotten a little dough back, can't be mad at that!

  2. I use Ebates, too! Not a lot but every once in awhile when I remember! Gotta love the extra free cash ;)