Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sick as a dog

Well, I've been out of work this week for 2.5 days...and I could have laid on the couch for longer, no joke. I finished The Help (awesome book, and an easy read), sat around with tissues stuffed in my nose (extremely attractive to a newlywed hubby, I promise), napped...and that's really about the extent of my last 3 days. You know I'm not up to snuff when I'm home all day and still don't feel like whipping something up for dinner. I didn't really care to eat much at all, actually. But you're supposed to feed a cold and starve a flu, right? Well, I think this is just a super beefed up this cold has seriously been hitting the gym all year waiting for it's debut. So I tried to force myself to eat even when I wasn't feeling it (or tasting it from being so plugged up).

Main man brought me Subway for lunch one day since we didn't even have power to heat anything up...but yesterday I broke into my soup stash and thawed a personal serving of chicken noodle soup (see beef noodle soup but sub chicken breast for beef roast and chicken broth for beef broth). Tell me homemade chicken noodle soup isn't just the ticket when you're laying around feeling sorry for yourself with one eye watering enough to fill the Grand Canyon and one nostril plugged while the other is a guyser...this soup kept me sane yesterday, guys.

And theeeeeeeeen, my favorite thing when I'm sick happened (like there's really that much that is good when you're sick)....Main Man came home with all the fixins to make me my favorite comfort food sick meal that he has made me each time I'm dying since we've been together. Mama Stensland's sausage stroganoff!!! When I'm sick, and Main Man takes the wheel for dinner, it's usually stroganoff or goulash for dinner and both his specialties give me the warm fuzziness of being taken care of while I'm down and out...and that's a feeling that's worth getting even if it has to have a nasty cold attached to it.
Hope everyone is having a great week, or at least a better one than me! I do have a lot of great recipes saved up for you all from the don't give up on me just yet. I hope to feel good as new and spew recipe upon recipe at you next week! Happy Thursday, all! :)
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  1. I feel your pain. I think I had the same bug on Thanksgiving. No bueno. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well! Get better soon!! We will miss your yummy recipes until then!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. boo the dog The World's Cutest Dog