Monday, January 28, 2013

Peanut butter pretzel bites

Hear that?? That's the sound of your new years resolution yelling "See ya next year!" before jetting out the back door. He knew he was unwelcome from the beginning, but he finally knew he was outmatched when he saw these little babies that were calling your name from the other end of the kitchen. Man, it's loud in here with all these imaginary voices. Welcome to my world...
I technically made these before the resolution was made, so I'm safe...but you're not. These are great for any get together, and seemed to disappear quite rapidly when I brought them to my Great Aunt Mary's for our family get together in December. It wasn't Christmas, but we still had an amazing spread...I can't even wait to share the Heath bar salad or the cheesy taters with you that my second cousin Theresa made. Wait, if she's my mom's cousin, does that make her my second cousin? Or my first cousin, once removed? Whatever...we're related. And I'm glad we are. My relatives make awesome food.
These little lovelies were made on a girls night with Leslie and Dani where we were also making Leslie's homemade caramels and made the decision (or resolution, if you will) to get together and make these every year for the holidays. I like caramel resolutions way better than no caramel resolutions. I'll have to remember that.
Moving on into the world of salty pretzels with creamy peanut butter and sweet chocolate, where you make 20% more than you need because a certain amount of them inevitably fall victim to the gaping hole in your face without your knowledge....these are gooooood. They're once you pop, you can't stop gooooood. Pringles level. I realize that's an aggressive description. Trust me. Don't trust yourself with these.
Here we go! Do you know Shelby on Swamp Loggers? That's Main Man's favorite tv quote and voice to imitate. It makes me giggle. I lurve giggling.
I'll stop with the completely random segues now and just tell you what we did...I apologize for giving you a glimpse into my ADD this fine Monday morning.
1 package chocolate almond bark
1 bag pretzels (I looked for the Christmas shaped ones but guess I was too late, had to go with twists)
jar of all natural creamy peanut butter
Hopefully you have an awesome mom like me and got yourself a double boiler for Christmas so you can melt things without burning them. No? Don't worry, I lived a lot of years without one, you'll make it. Just use 2 pots, one larger than the other so the small one fits inside the larger one. Put an inch or two of water into the bottom of the larger one and place the smaller one inside the larger one while the water comes to a boil.
Add the almond bark to the empty, smaller pot and cover it. Stir every few minutes until fully melted. This worked well having an assembly line type process going on, so Dani filled the middle of two pretzels with peanut butter, handed them to me to dunk in the melted almond bark, and then we laid them out on waxed paper to dry. This would be a fun one for kids to participate in, and it involves a lot of finger licking to get chocolate or peanut butter off your hands. Don't worry, I washed my hands a trillion and a half times after I would find my finger in my mouth every two seconds.

That's all folks, besides me wishing you a happy Monday and telling you that I would've rather taken an ice pick to the eye than get out of bed this morning. I'm better now. No icepicks needed.

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