Monday, March 4, 2013


Spring is comin'! At least I think so...daylight savings time is going to spring forward in T-6 days, but the constant snow storms each week are really making me wonder what Mother Nature is thinking. I'm not complaining though, I'll take all the moisture we can get and hope we even get some good rains right away in the Spring this year! My garden will need it :) I remember the first year I had the garden, I didn't have to water it but a couple times...all season. It rained every couple-three days, and by the time my veggies needed a drink, it would drizzle on them again. Not the case the last couple years...
This is our 3rd year with the garden, and each year we tend to do something a little different. We had it in a completely different spot the first year, but decided it got too much moisture with the water running off from the fields. So we moved it and built a raised garden with a boulder wall last year. I absolutely love it!

This year, we've decided to start our seeds indoors so they're ready to be planted a little ahead of the game this Spring. This is the first attempt at this, so if we kill them all off, we will just plant our seeds as we normally harm, no foul.  We decided to buy a mini greenhouse kit with a warmer and Main Man rigged up a heat lamp for on top as well.

Look at that handsome mug...

We planted all our tomatoes (cherry, big boy, roma) and all of our peppers (jalapenos, habaneros, bell) and broccoli inside, but will leave our herbs until a little closer to Spring to start with seed outdoors. I love having fresh herbs to cut and use in the summer...

We threw our babies in the sunnies corner (when it's not dark out) in the house to get their start in life...

And lookie here!! This was on a Thursday evening, after planting the previous Sunday evening. I think we're raising some pretty healthy veggie babies..

Hopefully things continue to go as planned, and I will document the transplanting process for you. As of now, I would continue to do this each year, as the process was super easy. Just filling with seedling dirt, poke a couple seeds in each planter, and water every other day while keeping the heat constant and the lamp on during the day.

My apologies for the lack of posting the end of last week...we had a few social obligations that got in the way of my regularly scheduled programming. I'm a creature of routine, so when it's out of whack, I get out of whack. Anyway, I had an awesome girls night with my ladies (although I more than consumed my fair share of wine) and Main Man and I enjoyed a charity event with some people he does work for...all in all, last week was an eventful week!

But the cherry on top was leaving town early on Friday for Bellevue, IA to participate in a murder mystery dinner at a bed and breakfast called the Mont Rest Inn. It was a wedding gift that I have been dying to use (pun intended) as a murder mystery dinner has been an item on my bucket list for a while (as has staying at a B&B). Here are a few pictures (from my cell since I forgot my camera) of the weekends festivities...

The entire group, we knew none of them but most of them were together so they were very much out of their shells from the get go. Such a fun group!

Mickey Maraschino (aka: The Cherry) and Joan F. Amenity trying to look very serious. He is a playboy/pimp/cocaine dealer, and she is a prominent, albeit shady, Harvard graduated attorney. Neither of us were the murderer, but we did both choose the right suspect as a murderer, just chose them for the wrong murder!

Cornish game hen for him (see above) and salmon for her (see below). All the food there was wonderful, as was the staff. What a fun job to come to each day!!

Hope all of you enjoy the week, Mondays are always a drag but the weeks are tending to fly by lately...we have a trip lined up for a special someone's 30th birthday party in NOLA the end of March so I will have tons of foodie pics and stories to share with you after that as well!

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  1. I'm so jealous of your green thumb. I'm pretty sure I could kill off an artificial plant if I tried hard enough.

    1. Oh, Desiree...this is all trial and error, my friend! I have killed myself many a plant :)

  2. I started tomatoes a little too early one year & ran into the problem that by the time it was warm enough to transplant them they had grown tall but had thin stems. When I moved them outside many of them ended up breaking off. Plus, I felt like a murderer when I had to thin them out. Good luck!

    1. Yes, that's my mom went to school for horticulture and she said they grow too quickly inside sometimes so we'll see what we've got when we transplant. The plan is to transplant into red solo cups when they get a little bigger, let them get some bigger, stronger roots, and then hopefully they will withstand the outdoors when we do the final transplant to the garden! Thanks for the luck, I'll let you know how it goes :)