Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spagetti squash

So, I guess it's Thursday then! I have to tell you guys...I am just now feeling like myself after that long weekend in The Big Easy. I've been just exhausted, full of chigger bites, nursing a bit of a food/travel hangover, and just plain trying to stay above water this week. It's been rough. Like, wasn't sure if I was going to make it through the week, rough. The trip was ah-mazing though! I have so much to update you on when I get some pictures uploaded...the food down there is insane. And I'm now a crawfish addict. Not a good thing to be when you live in Iowa.

I think the secret to my recovery was the hot yoga sculpt class I slugged through last night with Leslie and Rachel. It was most certainly not my best showing, I had to stop and breathe for a while a couple times, but I feel like a whole new person today. Sweating all those toxins out was exactly what my body needed, and I can now focus on life after vacation and getting back into a routine. Looking forward to some laid back family time this weekend with my fam coming to visit, as well as Easter service with the MIL, and finally the Jamison get together (another sure food hangover coming my way on Sunday). A few DIY projects around the house and some yoga to round it out and I'm pretty stoked for the coming weekend!

Main Man and I have been needing a break from heavy food after vaca, so we've been eating pretty well since we got back. You know you need it when your body is just craving veggies! Well, Rachel (soon to be Mrs. Schwery in October) shared a pic of her spagetti squash experiment on Facebook the other day and offered to bring me some to try since her future hubs didn't like it. I've been wanting to give it a shot, but have been scared to don't wanna mess with a classic like spagetti, right? Wrong. I'm glad I'm not the person who turns down food, because I tried the container she gave me last night and it was unreal! I loved the slight sweetness the squash gives the dish compared to normal pasta. It's got a little crunch to it that you don't get with pasta, but it's a fresh crunch, and not too pronounced. AND you can eat a pile of it if you's just veggies after all! Best part about it...Main Man loved it too, and gave me full permission to sub it for some other pastas (I've heard lasagna with squash is all the rage). Get ready for the newest substitution on the blog...move over cauliflower for potatoes! Spagetti squash pasta is going to be making the rounds soon...keep your eyes peeled.

The instructions were super simple too...can't beat that with a stick. Just grab your favorite pasta sauce and a spagetti squash and you're all set!

Cut the spagetti squash in half, then core it. Spray with Pam and lay it flat side down on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Let cool and then use a fork to flake the squash out, it looks exactly like spagetti noodles!

I shall now go heat up the leftovers for lunch...thanks a ton for the new addiction, Mrs. Soon to be Schwery!

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