Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garlic roasted potatoes and szecuan mushrooms

As usual, we had a fantabulously fat kid food packed Sunday dinner the week.  I've been loving the grill lately so I dug out one of the last packs of t-bones we had in the freezer from the cow we bought last year (gonna need a new one soon)!  I don't need to explain to you how to make your steaks, everyone has their signature step by step for the perfect pile of meat.  But the potatoes and mushrooms we had as sides were pretty yum-tastic so I thought I would share those with you.

The potatoes were something my mom found a while back and they are my fave for a fat kid meal even though they're a little pricey.  They are called baby dutch potatoes and they're little yellow buggers that I cut in half or quarter, depending on their size.  

Put them in the baking dish as pictured above, and mince some fresh garlic up (about 2 cloves if you love garlic like I do, believe me no vamps are ever coming my direction) to add to 2 T of butter and melt.  I pictured my little OXO cutter upper/mincer/life saver thingy that Mama K got me for Christmas one year...I love that thing for dicing up anything for salsa in the summer too. 

Anywho, after the garlic butter is melted in the microwave (keep an eye on that volcano waiting to happen), toss it with the potatoes in the baking dish and add parmesan cheese on top. 

Cover with tin foil and cook for 40 minutes at 425 degrees (stirring around randomly) before removing the foil and roasting for another 15-20 minutes without a cover.  I added rosemary to the potatoes this time because I've been on a kick with it lately....it's absolutely the perfect flavor for taters.  If you wanted to use olive oil instead of butter, I've done that before too (better kinds of fats), just drizzle a tablespoon on and shake it around before throwing in the oven.  And that's that with the potato part of the mix....

Next are the teriyaki mushrooms which are good on chicken breast, steak, anything you want flavored mushrooms on...I've been making these since college and perfected my course of action so you should def give these a shot next time you're grilling something that needs a little something more.  I will just picture the ingredients to the shrooms so you can go out and get them...I'm serious, do it.  :) 

In case you can't tell, there is lime juice, spray butter (best invention ever even if it is made of plastic, no fat and no cals), soy sauce, oregano, and the sauce of the Gods....szecuan stir fry sauce.  I use that stuff on my fresh green beans with sesame seeds and its got some kick to it but not too much....its one thing I always have on hand.

I would love to give you the amounts for all these ingredients but I don't have them. I squirt it on till it looks right, and then I taste them as they're cooking (I bet you can't cook them without tasting them anyway) and let them cook in a skillet on medium heat for 10-15 minutes to soak up all the flava.  If they need more heat, throw some more szecuan sauce on them but if they need cooled down, add more of everything else. You pretty much cant ruin these...

Of course you know the other side we had, our trusty Kraft mac and cheese.  Wouldn't be Sunday dinner without you, Kraft!  Pictured below is the one that did me in...I was so full after this, sweatpants weren't even comfortable! But that's what Sunday dinner is all about I guess...and no, I didnt clean my plate, but Sam did! :)

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