Friday, April 8, 2011

Stuffed peppers

This is the first of many....many recipes of my friend Michelle's to be posted on the blog.  I swear that 50% of my cookbook came from her kitchen, and I am never disappointed after a meal at the Mohrs! Her enchiladas are on regular rotation at our house, as well as the tilapia with mango salsa....mmmm, I just got a craving for that, I should try to make that next week (does anyone know if mangoes are in season yet?). 

Anyway, I went to Michelle's on Wednesday night for dinner, and to get my baby fix from her little munchkin, Aubrey.  Aubrey greeted me at the door with the biggest smile Ive ever seen and a wave to match it, I could smell the stuffed peppers in the garage before I even got in the house, and was famished after just finishing my 6 mile run.  All these things together made me even more excited to try these peppers that I had heard so much about in the last year but never gotten to be around for before this week. 

I dont have preparation pics because they were just being pulled out of the oven when I got there, and I dont even have a pic of the first one I inhaled before thinking to grab the camera to document my second one before it joined its friend in my belly.  I really dont even have solid nutrion information on these but if I were to guess, I would say they are 250-300 calories a piece.  No solid recipe either, Im just going to wing this, but I really dont think they're all that tough to make from her description. 

MM's stuffed peppers

4 green bell peppers cut in half and cleaned out
1 package spanish rice cooked according to directions
1 lb ground turkey sausage browned in a skillet
some tomato juice
Mexican cheese (I will use 2%)

Put the peppers on a greased cookie sheet to bake, I would guess the oven should be at 400 degrees.  Mix the cooked rice, cooked sausage, and some tomato juice together in a bowl.  Like how I use "some" as a unit of measure? I guess just enough to thicken everything up but not make it runny, I will experiment with this when I make these myself.  Scoop the mixture into the pepper halves in heaping portions, sprinkle some cheese on top and throw them in the oven.  Since everything but the pepper is cooked, I would probably go 20 minutes in the oven.  Michelle, I know you read these so if I screwed up horribly or there's anything you would like to add, comment away (check the comments below this post, she made some clarifications)!!  The finished product was fan-flipping-tastic!  You won't be able to have just one....

And for some Friday humor....when I was at Michelle's that night, Justin was stuck with leftovers at home.  Not that he was complaining, it was homemade spagetti sauce, he would eat that stuff every night of the week if he could.  But I got this picture from him that night:

The caption to the picture was the kicker though:

"Facebook that shit why dontcha.  Startin my own blog.  Gonna call it "how to make abbys food even better.......butter."

He's not joking, he sprays his noodles with butter when he reheats them and Im not around.  Ive gotta admit, the kid keeps me laughing :)  Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Bahahaha love Justin's picture and comment! I dare him to start a blog!

  2. Pretty close Abby.

    I boil the peppers once cut and seeded in salty water for about 10 minutes, it softens the peppers up a bit and brings out the bright green color.

    I use jumbalaya rice, not spanish and cook as directed. The directions on the rice actually tell you to dump the meat in with the rice so the meat needs to be cooked ahead of time. Some tomato juice works but I use about 10-12 oz of juice, and colby jack cheese not mexican ;) But it's whatever floats your boat.

    I've even thrown mini shrimp and beans in to jazz it up a bit but found out by my husband that he likes the original receipe the best.

  3. Thanks for clarifying, Michelle! I was going to mention that Im thinking of throwing some diced up jalops in there to kick it up a little or you could even put some crushed tomatoes in the mix.

    Cyn, his blog would be a treat to read wouldnt!