Monday, September 17, 2012

Turkey apple panini

Soup and sammy, anyone? It's pretty much officially Fall here in Iowa....I heard 30 degrees tomorrow morning with a chance of frost tonight, we have leaves falling in the pool, it cools down to an awesome windows open sleeping temp in the evenings, and of course, football season is here (GO STATE, we're 3-0)!!
I love's kinda like Sundays though. I adore Sundays, it's probably my favorite day of the week because I always get to spend the whole day with Main Man no matter what (usually). We don't tend to leave the house on Sundays to do much...we've been known to be very productive or very lazy, depending on what the activities were for the previous part of the weekend. But Sundays always have that ominous, you better get your shit together, this week is comin' atcha feeling. Or is that just me?  Well, Fall has that same feeling for me...I love it while it's here but it also signifies to the Winter-hatin' section of my brain that my days are numbered before I have to start wearing a heavy coat, dealing with icy roads and 10 ft snowdrifts, and seeing my breath. Blech.
Don't get me wrong...there are fun parts of Winter. Sitting by a fire with a glass of wine and book on a weekend afternoon is up there with  my favorite pastimes, but it will never trump sitting by the pool with a cold beer and a book.  Sorry, Charlie.  Soooooo, with Fall in full force, the only thing to do is embrace and enjoy it rather than think about the coming craptastical months.  We decided to embrace this soup and sammy combo to prove our love for Fall...and you should too, if you're not a total party pooper. I shared this tomato basil soup with you a couple weeks ago, and as I mentioned then, we ate this a couple nights and then I froze a bunch of it for the aforementioned cold season coming up. There's nothing that raises my spirits on a cold Winter night than coming home to hot, homemade soup on the stove...I can't wait to thaw this out in a couple months!
The sammy was a spur of the moment creation with stuff I had laying around. Throwing the apple on there was inspired by the salmon apple BLT's, if you've never added grilled apple to a sandwich, it's like you haven't even experienced love. There's no going back. I also used my fave sandwich spread, the garlic pepper mayo from the ham asparagus panini, because the flavor it gives is like elves dancing on your tongue to the beat of your favorite song...perfection. From there, I looked in the fridge...I had deli turkey, fresh spinach, and american cheese I sent them an invitation to the elf dance party. They accepted!
For 2 sandwiches:
4 slices wheat bread
fresh spinach
1 clove minced garlic
2 T olive oil mayo
1 t cracked pepper
8 slices deli turkey
2 slice american cheese
1 apple (green delicious is great but all I had was red delicious)
I used my Griddler for this, but you could use a grill pan, or an actual grill if you like. You could even do it in a normal pan on the stove so it's like a grilled cheese. The grill marks from the Griddler are fun, but they are not required dress code for the invite list to this party. Slice the apple into thin slices, and grill them on each side until warmed throughout.
Mix the garlic, pepper, and mayo together. Spread it on two pieces of bread. Layer the turkey, grilled apple slices, spinach, and cheese and top with your other piece of bread. Throw that baby on the Griddler for about 5-8 minutes on medium until it's all melty and perdy. Now hurry and go get your party pants on, and serve!
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