Friday, April 19, 2013

Greek layered dip

My other contribution for the Easter festivities this year was a layered Greek dip...sort of like the 7 layer Mexican dip I make on a semi-regular basis, but with a Greek flair. I've had a love affair with hummus and Greek yogurt lately so I was almost went through the roof when I came up this concoction while trying to decide what I should bring to our Jamison get together. I actually had the stuff to make the Mexican dip, and was looking around in the fridge for something when I thought "I could do this with anything!" Saw I had some feta cheese and a cucumber, knew I always had hummus and Greek yogurt on hand, and was pleasantly surprised by these Greek flavored sundried tomatoes I found in the cupboard. This was meant to be, my fellow food freaks!  The only thing I had to pick up was some pitas to dippity dip into the stuff...I'd say the heavens wanted this to happen.
1 bag sundried tomatoes (Greek, oregano, basil and garlic flavored preferably)
1 cup reduced fat feta cheese
2 cups Greek yogurt (I use Oikos brand, LOVE that stuff!)
1 container roasted red pepper hummus (I used Trader Joe's brand but I also like Athenos brand)
1/2 cucumber, diced
1 T Greek seasoning
1 T olive oil
pita bread cut into pieces for dipping

The instructions are pretty self-explanatory for a layer dip. You just....layer. I started with the creamy ingredients, hummus on bottom followed by the Greek yogurt. Then the sundried tomatoes and cucumbers, and finally the feta. Drizzle with olive oil and your Greek seasoning and you're in business! I made this the day before we served it and it was fine staying in the fridge overnight. I loved the full flavored bites of Greekness you got with each scoop...layered dips make for the perfect bite, you get some of each ingredient in each mouthful!

Perfect for a party...but don't judge me when I say I could sit down and eat this for a meal. It's very filling, and I am a dip girl, you know. Hummus and Greek yogurt both contain a good amount of protein so it will keep you satisfied like a meal would, not like a normal dip. So you don't have to feel like a heathen for ruining your dindin with this stuff...but I'm not admitting to anything. Happy Friday, all!

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  1. YUM! This sounds amazing. We have most of those ingredients on hand at any given time. Might have to make a dip this weekend!