Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pepperoncini salami rolls

Easter apps, ya'll! I have a quick and painless humpday recipe for you. And when I say quick and painless, I mean you won't find a more mindless recipe to assemble. Ever. In your life. Pinky swear. Here's what you need:
cream cheese (I used fat free)
Boomsauce. That's it. Oh, I guess you need toothpicks too, but that doesn't count as an ingredient unless you eat them. Don't eat them, please. Not sure on my liability level if you do...but I told you not to so it's on you now. Although I did eat the tine off a plastic fork once without knowing it, and never had an issue afterwards, so maybe you would be fine? Either way, let's not.

Assembly line time! Lay out slices of salami, dollop some cream cheese on top, and throw on a pepperoncini. Fold in half and stick a toothpick in them, they're done! There weren't many left of these after the Easter nibbling, so I'm thinking they were a crowd fave. I had quite a few fly-bys, I'll admit. A little zing, a lot of flavor, and served on a toothpick. Can't beat 'em!

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