Monday, May 9, 2011

Fresh salsa!

Thought I would post the ingredients of our Stensland summer salsa in case anyone wants to give it a shot.  I honestly have never counted the amounts of anything I put in...I just mix it, give it a taste, add whatever's needed, and repeat the process. 

But here's what goes in it, in whatever quantities you wish to use.  I would probably use more peppers than most because I like it HOT HOT HOT, but I have to tame it down for Justin's 30 year old stomach.  :)

Jalopenos (add a habanero for a big batch if you like hot like me)
Garlic (fresh and minced)
Lime juice (fresh squeazed)

I do not add salt or anything that's not fresh, as we just love the raw veggie flavor of it, it tastes so summery and is great if you want to knock back a few beers.  So for around 25 pint jars yesterday (that I canned for the first time and ALL of them sealed, yay me!) I used 4 pallets of tomatoes which had about 8 large tomatoes on each pallet, 2 HUMONGOUS onions from Costco (like Im serious that Ive never seen an onion this size in my entire 28 years), a normal bunch of cilantro, about 6 full garlic cloves minced, 4 habaneros, approximately 15 medium sized jalopenos, and 10 small limes squeazed into the mix.  This is all an estimation so don't quote me but you can throw your own batch together and add or subtract whatever you like.  You could cut this in half or even in quarter and have a very nice sized batch of salsa. 

To get the veggies the consistency I want, I use a slap chop for the peppers and smaller stuff.  It makes nice uniform chunks so you're not getting hot bites sometimes and bland bites other times.  I will have to post a picture of the other chopper I use for the tomatoes as it leaves them a perfect size.  You could also use a blender or a food processor if you wanted, but I have neither of those so I do it all by hand.

If you make a batch this size, you will need to learn how to can them, and that's a whole 'nother post that I don't have time for right now.  Maybe when I do pickles soon I will let you in on the canning process...on that note, Happy Monday everyone!

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