Monday, May 9, 2011

Asian Chicken Salad

I loooooove me a salad in the summatime!  Some people eat them because they're healthy but I truly enjoy a good salad, and this one is one of my favorites.  The ingredients are simple, I found this light asian sesame dressing that I just love and built the salad around that.  Justin will actually eat this for a full meal now that I've convinced him he can get full off a salad for dinner...I just have to add a chicken breast or a small sirloin cut up to it and he is a happy camper.  So if you're a guy and think you can't get full from a salad, try this one before you make that judgement.  Pictured below is all you will need to make the asian chicken salad (besides lettuce, chicken, and tomatoes):

You can even leave the feta out if you're really cutting calories or are not a feta fan.  We had run the grill for something else earlier in the week and I threw a couple chicken breasts on there to keep in the fridge and throw on these salads later in the week.  You can use steak if you prefer it but it will add a few calories.  This dressing is light, but its not fat free so you don't want to use a ton of it or of the salad accents (a couple tablespoons should suffice). 

In 5 minutes of prep (as long as your meat is pre-cooked), you have a full dinnner salad that is something to rave about....

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