Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Potato chips and ranch dip

I'm a chips and dip freak.  I don't really know another word to describe my love affair with this crap food besides freakish.  Ever since I was a kid, I would come home from school and my snack would be chips and AE sour cream dip (garlic was my preference but I love me some party or french onion flavored too).  Anyway, long story short....this relationship has been the bain of my existence for my adult life.  My old roomie and I (don't worry Jennnnnn, our secret is safe with me and my blog) used to have races to see who could get to the bottom of their party dip first...oh, the calories consumed.  No wonder I have to work out 4 times a week when I'm 28.  The things I like the most are the things that are worst for me...just like pizza.  What's a girl to do?

Well, up until this point I just try to keet my love affair at bay for as long as possible but inevitably I end up stopping at a gas station on the way home when the craving becomes too great (since I will never allow myself to buy them on my scheduled trips to the grocery store).  But now....I found these Special K chip/cracker thingamajigs at the store today...ta daaaaaaaaaa!

They aren't exactly the same consistency as chips, or crackers for that matter, but they get the flavor right enough for me!  You can eat the whole box for under 400 calories...that doesn't cover too many normal fat-kid potato chips.  The dip is pretty good too, you could use fat free if you want to skimp even more but sometimes the taste just isn't there with fat free stuff.  Just add one ranch packet to a container of sour cream. The light version contains 40 calories per 2 tablespoons so it's not too bad.  So for 170 calories I get 30 chips with dip (which kills my craving), what a helluva deal!!  So if you see these on the shelf, give them a try if you're also an admitted chip and dip freak....they have sour cream and onion too.

P.S. I had this for lunch today but did also eat a container of raw veggies to counteract my unhealthy habit.  This ranch dip tastes pretty real and is great for veggie dip, etc all the while being cheaper and better for you (those two don't go together very often, usually the better for you means you're going to pay more) than buying the pre-made stuff.

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  1. How funny you posted the same thing!! Aren't they soo delish?! Perfect substitute for greasy potato chips :D