Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Party potatoes

This is the simplest side ever and is a staple in our summer grilling dinners because I ALWAYS have all the ingredients on hand.  They could also be called garbage potatoes becuase I throw in whatever I have to use...but here's the base:

red potatoes (I like red but you can use any kind)
onion (red, white, or yellow...whatever you've got)
mushrooms (fresh or canned, whatever you've got)
peppers (hot ones like jalopenos, mild ones like red or green bell peppers or anaheims)

I've even thrown tomatoes in there once in a while.  You can add or omit any veggie you've got or want to add.  Sometimes I don't even use potatoes and substitute zucchini for the taters (which is definetly the healthier option that I take most of the time unless we're doing big Sunday dinner).  Anyway, I use my trusty disposable baking dishes on the grill too and just cover them with tin foil but you could just use a double layer of tin foil to throw on the grill and make a boat if you don't have those.  Dice everything up and throw it in...the seasoning is the sweetness!  I always use:

garlic powder
onion powder
cracked pepper
rosemary (this is a great spice for taters that I just discovered last year)
sometimes I even throw a little cayenne pepper on there depending who is eating with us
light butter or olive oil (I try not to use more than 2 T for a batch for 6 people)

Anyway, if you have an unexpected group come over, or just need an easy side to serve a group...throw one of these together and toss it on the grill.  It takes about an hour and you need to stir every 10 minutes or so...the tub below would feed 10 people most likely:

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