Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Refrigerator cucumbers

I'm sure most of you have had or at least seen some form of this in your lifetime.  I never used to be a big fan of cucumbers and absolutely despised onions until I met Justin, so I had seen this around but never given it a shot.  I should tell you that I love all sorts of vinegar though, balsamic being my fave but I don't play favorites.  When our garden started coming up last year, Justin wanted to make these cucumbers that his mom used to make when he was a kid (thanks for broadening my horizens, Candy).  So he got the recipe and we gave it a shot.  These suckers didn't last long at all...every time one of us walks by the fridge we get caught stealing a bite out of the container.  I would normally think that was bad but these are pretty good for you, so who cares right?

The only things you need are:

2 cucumbers
2 onions
4 cups vinegar (white, but I've used half white vinegar and half apple cider vinegar before)
1-1.5 cups sugar (or to taste)
cracked pepper (to taste)

Slice it all up, add it all together, and let the juices soak into the veggies overnight.   You can add more or less sugar to the mix, it cuts the bitterness of the vinegar but you don't taste actual sugar so as little as you can handle will make it better for you.  Serve as a side, a snack, or just leave it in the fridge and I bet it will be picked to it's death with someone asking for more when it's gone.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but it will have to do (I brought some for lunch today, hehe)....

WARNING: One downfall to my new love for onions is my newfound onion breath.  Onions mixed with vinegar tend to accentuate that debacle so DO NOT eat this before a date, or any time you will be within a foot of someone else's face in the near future.  Otherwise, enjoy :)


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  2. really great with baby shrimp in it