Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Love story :)

So, in case you've noticed my slacking in the posting department the last 3 weeks or so, I wanted to give you an explanation. A lot of you already know, as most of my readers are friends or family in life as well as in the blogosphere....but for those of you that are in the dark, my main man proposed to me during my family's Thanksgiving this year!!  Even now when I say it or look down at my finger, it gets me all giddy! :)

My birthday is the 22nd of November and always falls close to Thanksgiving, if not on the actual Turkey Day. This year it fell on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving....kinda lame. I went to work like any other day (but did get lunch and a beautiful Fall flower arrangement from my honey unlike most work days), and came home to a beautiful new Dyson vaccuum cleaner parked in the house.  We've needed a new vaccuum, and you can't beat a I wasn't too terribly disappointed thinking that this was my birthday present, although I did have a voice in the back of my head going "Really? A vaccuum?  For my BIRTHDAY??"  We proceeded to head to Vintage, which is a wine shop where they have tastings and we had a gift card to use from my friend Bea.  The place we had chosen for dinner (because I had a free dinner coupon for my birthday!) allows you to bring your own wine in without a corking fee so we got a nice bottle to enjoy with our dinner before heading to Bravo.  We had a great dinner, during which he explained to me that he didn't really get me a vaccuum for my birthday (whew!) but his gift had not arrived yet and would be here by Friday. 

Friday came and went but I was sooooo busy preparing food for 30 guests on Saturday for my family's Thanksgiving, that I never thought much of it. Amanda and Michelle stopped by that afternoon after I had everything picked up, and we visited over some wine and had a nice time looking at Amanda's honeymoon photos.  Little did I know that Little Miss Sneaky (Michelle) had been at the jeweler with Justin that morning because he asked her to come with him to help choose the ring. She's a very good little secret keeper because she didn't act odd at all, and my Aunt Chris showed up soon after so the girls left and I got to gabbing with her.  Mom and Dad came that evening and we all hung out in the garage Justin and Tony had fixed up with the pool table, foosball table, tv, tables, radio, etc...its very cozy in there and was nice to have an area outside where we can all hang out.

That next day was busy, busy from the start! We had two turkeys on (one smoked and one fried) plus a ham as well as a million and half side dishes so I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  No time to sit and think about Justin forgetting to give me a birthday present that was supposed to arrive the day before. After the preparation, the meal, and the clean up was all taken care of, a few people left (Grandma and Grandpa snuck out of there, sadly) and the rest of us retired to the cozy garage to watch football, play pool, have some toddies, and chit chat. After a bit, Aunt Vicki and Uncle Mike got their gear ready to leave.  Justin said, "Oh, I forgot to give you your birthday present" and ran into the house and back before Vic and Mike could leave. He put the box in my lap, and the only thing I really remember is that it got very warm in there all of a sudden. Why is he doing this in front of everyone? Why is this shaped like jewelry? Why is everyone staring at me?

From there, I don't have much memory of what happened...I know only what the photos that my Aunt Vicki took show, so I'll let them tell the story for your right now...don't mind my horrible outfit, my ugly crying faces, and my house shoes, I wasnt aware I was going to be taking pictures that I would want to look at over and over every day from then on out....

How flipping lucky am I not only to have the most amazing FIANCE (that's so fun to say, by the way) but to have an awesome aunt with an awesome camera to capture one of the most exciting moments in my life!?  I can't wait to get started on my scrapbook :)

I'm not much of a jewelry person usually, but I am absolutely in love with this ring and what it means to me.  We have set a date (October 20,2012), booked a venue (Prairie Moon Winery in Ames, IA), booked a caterer, photographer, officiant, picked the colors as well as the wedding party, and even won a free wedding dress in a facebook now you see why there's been breaks in my blogging, I've been a busy blogger!! 

I will try to stay on track with the blog but I know there will be days when it will center on wedding planning rather than what I ate that week.  P.S. I can spill here since all you foodies will be excited about this part.....we are serving pork loin with au jus, poppyseed chicken, and (Justin's pick of course) lasagna as the main courses.....YUMMY!!

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