Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brat sammich

These photos were taken a few weekends ago, on a nice Saturday afternoon. I usually don't plan meals on the weekend...we scavenge for leftovers on our own whenever we're hungry and if we're feeling crazy (and hungry at the same time), we'll head out on the town for lunch.  That Saturday was different though...I came downstairs from putting away laundry to this:

A brat sammich.  Justin had a hankering, I guess, and thawed out turkey brats. I've got him totally switched on those without much complaint, which deserves a pat on the back, I must say. Anyway, he explained that he wasn't hungry enough for the full 2 brats with big buns and all the toppings (onions, pickles, sour kraut), but one just wasn't going to cut it. He thought 1.5 brats would be a perfect that's what he made himself.  I found this ingenious, as well as hilarious for some reason. He was a bit embarrassed that I felt the need to snap pics of his creation but knew exactly where the photos were the internet and beyond! :) He makes me smile....

While this is not much of a recipe, it is a pretty darn good pass this on to the men in your lives who might have the same portion problem with brats....Goldilocks and the three bears would approve, because this brat sammich is juuuuuuuust right (according to my main man)!

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