Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chicken quesadillas

Happy love day, everyone!! I hope everyone I know gets a smile put on their face by someone today, no matter if it's their significant other, their child, their friend, or the FedEx delivery guy.  I've always been kind of cynical about Valentines Day...not that I've ever really had a bad one in particular. I just don't really understand how people get all bent about getting flowers on the day of the year that they are twice the price than they are normally, and how all girls seem to want chocolates when most of the ones I know are on a diet this time of year getting ready for Spring.  Just never made much sense to me...although I do get super excited when I get my homemade Valentine in the mail from my Mama K each year.  Yes, I know that I am going to be 30 this year...but my mom will always be my first Valentine!  :)

Anyway, I should probably post a Valentine dinner recipe, or a tutorial on how I made Justin's duct tape roses this year (coming later this week, don't worry)...but I decided I'm just going to phone it in today. I am preparing a feast for this evening's dinner, which I will no doubt update you on very soon, but today I'm just posting an easy way to use your chicken taco leftovers from yesterday, which was only a three ingredient recipe anyway, so it makes it even better to get two dinners out of it! 

I just used the leftover chicken mixture to spread on some tortillas, put some cheese on top, and throw in the microwave, before cutting up to serve.  This was part of our spread on superbowl Sunday....easy peasy.  I promise to give you some more elaborate and elegant posts after this week...but for now, have fun with those leftovers and have a great VD, people!! 

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