Monday, August 20, 2012

Breakfast burrito

Ohhhhh, how I love it when Main Man cooks me breakfast. I mean, you know I love to cook, but breakfast is the best meal to have made for you with love rather than dragging your butt up to make it yourself. Plus, if you look at the pics below....that thing is sexy, isn't it! Good looking piece of breakfast fare, right there. And I'll tell you what...he outdid himself this time, it was very probably the best breakfast he's ever made me in the 3.5 years we've been together. Hopefully he remembers to make it again sometime soon!

He started by basically making an omelette with half eggs and half egg whites. You have to use more eggs this way, but it's better for your loved one's cholesterol and all that jazz. So I believe he used 6 eggs (3 full eggs, 3 egg whites), and then added some diced jalapenos, banana peppers, shredded 2% mexican cheese, diced onions, turkey sausage patties diced up, and seasonings (he's really into my Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt lately, and I'm sure he used cracked black pepper as well).  That's the stuffing to your burrito of love...ok, I won't ever say that phrase again, sorry.

I had the jalapeno cheddar tortillas leftover from the buffalo chicken wraps so he wrapped all the goodness up into a burrito (see...way more appropriate than "burrito of love") and topped it with diced cherry tomatoes from the garden, lettuce from the garden, greek yogurt, and some Cholula.

I scarfed this whole monster. You know when people tell you that they diet by just stopping when the food doesn't taste as good as it did on the first bite? Well, that didn't happen. I was soooo full and just trying to make more room for one more bite. This thing was banging with flavor! And the best thing was, most of the stuff came out of the garden. We had everything we needed on hand...can't really beat that for a nice Summer weekend morning at home. One more pic and then you have to go drool on someone else's page...

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