Friday, August 3, 2012

Gator sausage boil

Not much of a recipe on this fine Friday we have going. Wait, what?! It's Friiiiiiidaaaaaay! I don't know about you but this week can bite me. Busy at work from end of the month stuff and beginning of the month stuff, lots of wedding crapola (I say that with the deepest love for my fiance, just not wedding crapola) checked off the list thanks to my very helpful MOH (shoutout to Cyn City!) and my personal jeweler (oh yeah, bet you wish you had yourself a Laura), and some killer workouts at Kosama (when the entire class doesn't show up, you can't really dog it with the coach next to you the whole class, wowza am I sore!)....all that equals one tired Abby Lynn that's ready for the weekend and some QT with the main man.

But enough rambling....let's get down to the biznis (I got corrected on my grammar one time in my comments section so I hope you all realize I mispelled that on purpose....but I will start watching my overusage of parentheses for all you writing majors out there). As stated earlier, this is not much of a recipe....but that's kinda the point. I wanted to have a NOLA feel for my girlfriend/bridesmaid/Imissherface that was visiting over the 4th of July. This chick is fun, people. She weighs about 100 lbs, has a big old truck and a swamp shack, loves guns, shoots gators in her spare time, and is one of the most successful women I know career-wise but loves to get down in the country. You wanna hang with her...I'm telling ya! She's just about as cool as me...and that's saying a lot :)

Back to the point...when Main Man proposed and we got engaged the end of last year, I received a strange package delivered to my office with a note attached. The note said "Just thought you should have one last sausage fest before you get hitched....." and the package was filled with alligator sausage, boudin sausage, and tons of other types from her homeland of New Orleans. This is by far the most comical (and thoughtful) package I've ever had delivered to me. I've always wanted to accompany her to Louisiana to get all immersed in the cajun cuisine and culture.  *SIGH* Someday....

Back to the 4th of July (man, I'm really off topic today...and I used parentheses AGAIN)...we had a pool party/bbq the last day of her trip to let everyone who hadn't seen her and our other friend visiting from TX to have some fun before they jetted back across the country. What better way to send them off than with a cajun boil!?! 

We added all the sausages (there were 4 varieties and about a lb of each), a dozen sweet corn, 2 lbs of shrimp, a 5 lb bag of small red potatoes to our turkey fryer. Not sure if that's what they would use down in NOLA but that's all we had up here in Iowa :)  We added water above the level of everything in there, seasoned it with a bunch of butter, TONS of Tony C's cajun seasoning and boiled the crap out of that shizz! 

Notice my basil plant on the right there...if I could only grow one herb, that would be it. Love that stuff. Sidenote: Why do I have such writing ADD today?

Boil the pot on a high rolling boil for about 40 minutes until you can fork a potato without much pressure.....throw the contents of your stock pot/cream can/turkey fryer/whateva you gotcha hands on into a roaster or some other warmer to stay hot. We served this all day long with people walking through for nibbles. The only thing I didn't anticipate was not knowing which of the sausages were really my favorite! I luuuuurved the spicy one but I'm not sure which it was in order to purchase it again :(  Oh, and you can't get this stuff in Iowa...bummer. But don't can have your very own sausage fest shipped straight to your door if you want to check out  the Cajun Grocer website.

I hope everyone was able to follow this post in all the directions it went...and I also hope you're all having a wonderful Friday. Oh, and please wish my lovely Grandma Theda a happy 75th birthday if you see her!!

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