Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Meet Dani. Miss Dani is the laid back lake mama that has a place next door to ours at Lake Ponderosa with her hubs and the cutestblondehairedblueeyeddarlinglittlegirlever. They are actually the reason we have a place on the water, due to "The Justins" weekly date nights in the shop where her main man convinced my main man this was something we needed to have for our future children (they sure know how to work a girl). I was a heel-dragger at first, but I can now say that I am superbly thankful for her main man's persistence as it's been one of the best summers of our lives (having sweet neighbors was the perfect sweetening to the pot for me)! 

Dani is a realtor, and she took care of all the deets when we purchased the place after we had gone to visit them one weekend. OK, now I'm getting to the point....

When we visited she drank her wine out of a glass with a lid. I mean, why didn't I think of that? Genius, I say! Funny story...she actually invented these and has a patent on them! I just thought she bought it that way, or bought them separate and put them together. Nope, she makes them, decorates them, and even has a tax ID number! And her hubs only found out about her little business when they were moving and he found the, I love her!

Long story short...she gave me one as a housewarming gift when our sale was final. I don't use any other glass at the lake, it's perfect for mixed drinks (drinky poos for my Aunt Vicki below), wine (for the wino at heart who can't live with spilling a drop), and whatever else you want to throw in there!

You can use them on a boat....

You can use them on the land...

You can use them cruising town...

You can use them hanging with Main Man.

Dr. Suess has nothing on my rhyming skills. Even though nothing at all rhymes there. Whatev. Everyone who sees these wants one so I convinced Dani to start selling them. For a $15 bid (or $20 buy it now) you can join the cool kid club (the CKC...which is way better than the kool kid klub that I originally wrote...think about that)....check out her facebook page HERE or her etsy shop HERE!! If you would like more information or want to contact her for a specific design, go ahead and email Dani at and she will take care of you! Now, go get a wid, and enjoy what's left of the summer with it...I know that's my plan!!

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  1. Genius! These look like they'd make awesome stocking stuffers!!

    1. Right!? And Im the freak who starts buying Christmas goodies as I see them in September so this is great timing, lol!