Friday, August 10, 2012

Sweet corn

It's sweet corn season.  And from what I hear, you best be getting yourself some soon due to the shortage of the late crop because of the drought conditions in July. If you don't live in the midwest, or in Iowa in particular (call me biased but I think Iowa has the BEST sweet corn, hands down) you probably have no idea what you're missing out on ova her. Sweet corn is the pinnacle of doesn't really feel like summer until you have had your first BLT and sweet corn meal of the year. Really...I can't even eat corn out of a can anymore and have to freeze the stuff (check out how HERE) each year so we don't run out in the winter months!

After all my years growing up in Iowa, after all the summers I spent gnawing on ears of corn (except for the 4 summers I had braces on and had to cut it off the cob), and after all the people I've met in Iowa that grew up on corn their ENTIRE fiance taught me a new trick. A magnificant, magical, time-saving trick that I truly didn't believe would work when he mentioned it to me. Why he didn't explain this to me 3 years ago when we started dating, instead of letting me peel and boil the shit for 3 summers is beyond me...but the point is he spilled his guts to me and I'm spilling mine to you!

Here's what happened.....we were running errands on a Sunday and decided BLT's and sweet corn were the hankering for dinner that night. We grabbed the stuff, finished our running around, and were pooped when we got home. I mentioned that I didn't want to wait for the water to boil to do the corn so maybe we could just have corn the next night.

Main man: "Let's just put them in the microwave."
Me: "You can do that? I don't think that would work."
Main man: "Oh yeah, I've done it perfect. Takes like 2 minutes."
Me: "Whatever, dude. Do what you want, I'll just make corn tomorrow."

Two minutes later there's perfectly done sweet corn on my plate. While I'm very grateful he pulled out the ace in his sleeve at a clutch time in our dinner making, I'm a little baffled as to why he's been letting me do it the long way for so long since it's just as flipping good from the microwave. So good that I wouldn't have even been able to tell if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!!

While I continue to ponder his thought process (I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of me pondering his mind in the coming years of our lives together)....I'll give you the steps to some perfect corn in 2 minutes flat. I only kept this secret for a week...he kept it for 3 years.  I am horrible at secrets....

1. Don't shuck the corn, grab a large hand towel and lay a few pieces of corn on it. I guess this keeps the moisture inside the wraps to steam the corn inside...

2. Wrap that corn up like the sweet little baby it is...

3. Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Shuck. Put on your plate. Devour.

Seriously?!? Seriously. Mind=blown. Now if you're doing a huge pot of corn for 12 people or so, boiling that water might be the way to go. But from now on, you can bet Main Man and I will be eating our corn in 2 minutes flat. Boom shaka-laka!  Happy flipping Friday, all!

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  1. I just found this out this year too!!! Saves so much time!!

    1. Why have all these people been hiding this from us all our lives!? lol