Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grilled chicken garden salad

I gotta tell you...there's nothing quite like going out to your garden to pick your dinner. It brings out your inner hunter/gatherer to know that you grew, harvested, and prepared your meal all on your own. We've been alternating between huge salads and yummy pastas (don't worry, I'll share those soon) for dinner...but mainly hitting on the huge salads part. Our lettuce row is loving this heat lately (at least I assume so with how much it's growing) so we have an abundance of fresh green leaf lettuce at our fingertips.  I also hope the world is ready for the amount of cucumbers I am about to unleash into it...

Main Man used to tell me he couldn't get full off of salads for dinner (taking a page from Big Dan's book) but a couple years ago I started making full dinner salads that completely satisfied him and he has relented that argument. He even mentioned that a "salad full" feels way better than a "steak or pasta full" I think I won that battle.  He no longer pitches a fit if I say we're just having salads for dinner...and with the banana peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, etc coming out of the garden at a record pace, these are no boring salads by any means!

Although we're down with the veggies, we in the Stensland household are still major carnivores so we have to have some protein in the mix. I usually just grill some chicken and we add a half a breast to our dinner salad and call it usual dressing being olive oil and white vineger (seriously find some if you've never had it) so we don't want the chicken to be too overpoweringly flavored but we don't want it bland either.

Well, a year or so ago I placed an order with Tastefully Simple for some beer bread and some other things...I had tried the Garlic Garlic dip and the Onion Onion dip at a party before so thought I would grab some to keep on hand. They came in a 3-pack with TS's version of seasoned salt (we now have a new replacement for Lawry's by the way) and it just so happens that these 3 things together absolutely complete a chicken boob (or breast of chicken for you mature people out there) in a way I never could've imagined. Rub them with olive oil and season them generously with these and you will never grill chicken with other seasonings again. Just here to help you out, my peeps!

You would think a girl would get sick of salads but I'm still drooling over this picture....nom nom nom! Enjoy your hump day, everyone!

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