Monday, July 16, 2012

Pepperoni chips

Ever seen something and thought what a great idea it is, get mad at yourself for not thinking of it in all it's simplicity, and then have it flop so horribly that it's not even fit for humans and gets turned into dog treats? I have. had this recipe for low carb pepperoni chips that I was pretty sure was going to be the next best thing since the low carb twice baked cauliflower. Pepperonis on a paper towel, thrown in the microwave to get crispy for 30-60 seconds, and eaten as a better alternative to potato chips. I even used turkey pepperoni so they were low fat as well!

Followed the directions. They were chewy pepperoni disks that are not really enjoyable in the slightest if you ask me, but if you ask Sam (our dog), he would disagree with you. He loves the things! Good thing I made the whole bag of pepperoni, we're still working our way through the big baggie it made.

I promise you some actual recipes that work this week since posting this flop and my kale chips flop last week doesn't really give you much to work with if you're looking for something good. 

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  1. I would never have microwaved them, but I cook mini pepperonis in a skillet on the stove top frequently. They turn crisp if you cook them long enough, and they are delicious. Just blot off the grease on a paper towel. :)

    1. Do you use turkey pepperoni or regular? I think it was the turkey that made them not crisp up...I should try them in the skillet though! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I haven't tried microwaving pepperoni, but I microwave dried salami all the time (well when I buy it anyway). It doesn't turn totally crispy without some "darker" spots, but it's good. Of course, if I were attentive enough to stand by the microwave and turn the plate or rearrange the salami, it might turn out more crispy and less dark LOL

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