Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Turkey rollups

Perfect. Lake. Food.

I'm not sure where I got this idea but I've been obsessed lately with the Weight Watchers/Skinny Cow cheese wedges. Weight Watchers has a jalapeno cheese that I used on the pizza sammiches I made a few weeks ago...it's got enough bite to let you know it's there but no burn to worry about with people who don't like the heat. The stuff is phenom...oh, and it's only 35 calories per ginormous wedge of creamy cheese. Beat that!

I wanted something simple all made up for people to grab when they needed a snacky poo that didn't include me having to drag a bunch of stuff out...so I grabbed my cheese wedges and got started!

We have cucumbers up the tuckas from the garden lately so I thought a little crunch with the rollups would be nice, and diced one up to add. Spread one wedge on each small tortilla, layer with turkey, and diced cucumbers....and roll, baby, roll!

A little tip: be sure to leave a little cheese bare on the end of the tortilla (don't cover it with turkey) as it works as sort of a glue to hold the rollups together. I cut them in half and packed them all nice and neat in my deviled egg carrier (seriously one of the best things I've ever bought from Amazon...check it out HERE if you're interested) and we were on our way. Easy. That's my favorite word. I didn't come home with any of these rollups, so I believe that constitutes a hit!

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