Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sweet chicken bacon wraps

For the next installment of "What we ate at Michelle's birthday party" we have my MOH Cynthia's contribution, the bacon wrapped chicken bites. If you can't tell by this and the spanikopita bites I posted earlier this week, we went with a finger food theme :)
The fun part about these chicken bites is the colored toothpicks made each piece of chicken its respective color when you pulled it out...festive!  Anyway, I didn't make these myself but I know she found the recipe on Pinterest, so here is the link to Paula Deen's sweet chicken bacon wraps to get the details on the know how to throw these bad boys together. There was not one left...not one. So I think the recipe speaks for itself...

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  1. We love bacon everything in my house so I will have to try this for the next get together!