Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Loeffelholz baby shower

I suppose we better get to posting Baby L's shower before Baby L actually arrives! He/she will be blessing his/her parents with his/her presence before we know it, and I for one CANTFREAKINGWAIT to find out if we have a little Miss or a little Mister. Our group of girlies has gotten pretty great at planning, organizing, and executing bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and baby showers in the last few years as we all enter into different stages of our adult lives. It was Amanda's turn to be the one in the VIP chair as we threw her a shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her first bundle of joy!
Usually, I volunteer for food duty, for obvious reasons. But this time, I was put in charge of the games, so I was determined to find some fun games that didn't involve melted chocolate in diapers or eating baby food. I'm sorry folks, not all of us have babies yet, so eating out of a diaper does seriously freak me out. Not saying you moms eat out of diapers, but you see them a little more often, and maybe even when you're eating chocolate? Anyway, I had gone to a friends baby shower earlier in the year and they played some nice games without the gag factor....so I stole their ideas like a good shower thrower does :)
The first game involved only a paper and a pen. It was like baby Scattergories so the paper was lettered from A-Z and participants were asked to write down a word involving pregnancy, labor, babies, or motherhood corresponding with each letter. You only get a point for a word if someone else in the room doesn't use it so being creative is a plus! 
The next game involved a few more purchases. I filled a tray with each and every baby/mommy item I could find in a store and walked it around the room slowly, before stashing it where no one could see it. The person who remembered and wrote down the most items from the tray, won! Both games were very simple, took a bit of time, and the Mom of Honor got to take home all the extra baby gear used for the games....

Yummy, yummy cake on the gift table!

Brandy Sue's first ever diaper carriage, it turned out AMAZINGLY! She used a tutorial I sent her from Pinterest, so if you're interested in trying one of these, you can check out THIS LINK. I've made a couple diaper bikes before too, if you want to go that route.

The spread...bagel bar, fresh fruit, egg bake, lemonade punch...

Bagel bar with lots of different jams and cream cheeses...

Part of the planning crew :)

Mommy to be enjoying her cake!

Baby L is due to make his/her appearance on December 3, so I will keep you posted on the newest arrival to our friend family! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday week...
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