Friday, November 2, 2012

Funfetti dip

I'm sure you've seen this stuff all over the interwebs like I's a Pinterest celebrity, you know. And why wouldn't it be? With 3 ingredients, who wouldn't jump on this recipe? Plus, this is the skinny kind. I think sometimes when I think something is "light" it actually is more detrimental to me because I faceplant in the stuff and swim synchronized swimming teams of animal crackers in laps around a bowl rather than taking it easy and maybe just letting a few single divers hop in and swim around if I think it's a full-fat, evil recipe.
Anyway, you can't get a simpler recipe than this one. Someone brought it to the Mohr household for the Iowa v Iowa State game this year (I don't need to remind you that ISU was the victor again this year, do I?) and Michelle raved about it so it was an easy recipe to throw in the chow line for her birthday! I also had roasted red pepper hummus with Stacy's pita chips for a that stuff! P.S. Look at all my neat serveware...I will never get enough of having cool serving dishes for parties :)
Soooooo, for the funfetti dip:
1 box Funfette cake mix
2 cups fat free plain yogurt
1 cup lite Cool Whip
fat free animal crackers
Yes, I realize that's 4 ingredients but one of them is the dipper, so that doesn't cound...right? Whatev. Anyway, mix the first 3 ingredients together and chill. Serve with animal crackers to dip and VOILA! You have a happy birthday party on your hands...
Hope everyone has a great weekend...this was my first full week back after wedding activities so I'm dragging booty a bit...looking forward to dinner with some good friends at our house tonight (in sweatpants of course). Enjoy your weekend, all!!

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  1. Yummm! I actually have never seen this recipe before, but I'd love to try it! I wish I was present at that party, the food looks so good! Xo

    1. Yeah I had seen if a ton of times before trying it...def one to give a shot! Enjoy! :)