Monday, February 18, 2013

Prosciutto and fontina chicken

Happy Monday, people! It was a phenomenal weekend around the Casa Del Stensland, at least a perfect one in my world. If you asked me what my perfect weekend would be, it would generally include some good workouts, some productive time at home, some great meals, and generally taking things at my own pace with no timeframes for nothin'!  And that's exactly what we did...
Friday night I came home from yoga to a meal prepared by Main Man, which is always a nice surprise, especially since I had nothing planned for dinner which doesn't happen often. Saturday we got to hit lunch and shopping at Whole Foods (his first experience there, he was less than impressed with the prices), hit a hot yoga class, get through Menards with supplies to repot a couple houseplants and start our veggie garden indoors so we're rocking the freshies earlier this year, and spend the evening making homemade whole wheat pastas to eat and freeze while taking care of a couple bottles of wine I had laying around. You pretty much can't add anything in there that I would rather be doing, especially when I get to do them with my favorite duder in the 'verse. Yesterday I planned all my meals for the week, I always feel so much better about my life when I have my week planned out. It's tough when I don't get home from my Kosama class until 7 pm, so I love having things prepared ahead of time to throw down for dinner when I get home.
We've been trying to stick with chicken and seafood a lot lately, we had our physicals recently and we have a bit of a cholesterol problem for the Main Man. He's been hitting the gym and we've doubled our efforts at eating healthier, so we're hoping to get his numbers down before his next appointment. Chicken can get a bit boring if you're not careful, so here's a good one to try if you're sick of the standard "marinated in Italian dressing" or "Lawry's flavored" chicken breast.
chicken breasts
prosciutto (2 slices per breast)
fontina cheese, grated
anaheim pepper (not spicy, tastes more like a green bell pepper), chopped
Pound your chicken breasts out flat and lay them over 2 overlapped slices of prosciutto, like below. Sprinkle with fontina cheese and chopped peppers before rolling up and securing with toothpicks.

Put them in a greased baking dish and cook for 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees.

Some of the cheese melted out so I just scooped it up like a love blanket for the crispy prosciutto wrapped chicken breast. I kinda want a cheese blanket for myself. I wouldn't even make Main Man cuddle with me if I had one of those.

Served with one of our favorite veggies, the roasted brussel sprouts, and we were in business in no time! Hope this week goes as quickly as last week did, we're supposed to get buried the end of the week with a crazy snowstorm so I'll be working hard to get all my workouts in for the 20/30 challenge (that I'm doing with my friend Leslie) and getting things done at work in case I'm stranded on Friday. Can we all do a little finger cross that we don't get the 20 inches they're predicting??

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