Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spicy chicken lettuce wraps

I've been toying with the idea of lettuce wraps for quite some time now. Never got around to it, because lets face it, I like lettuce in my wraps but really like it wrapped inside a tortilla. But I've had a couple friends mention how much they love them, and I've seen them on menus at restaurants, so I figured I better at least give it a go. So here's my go:
I made the crockpot buffalo chicken sandwiches except I omitted the butter, the ranch packet, and the cheese. Just throw 4-6 chicken boobs (yes, I'm a 12 year old) in to the crockpot with a sliced white onion and some buffalo sauce for about 3 hours on high.

I used Buffalo Wild Wings brand Spicy Garlic sauce this time. Since the day I found out they bottled and sold their sauces from their restaurants, we haven't eaten there. I love their sauce but don't like to eat fried wings, so I bake mine and use their sauce. Or I soak a chicken book in it and grill it for chicken sammies. Either way, you get the B-Dubb's taste without the B-Dubb's calorie attack...and that, my friends, is a good thing (can I even say that or is Martha Stewart going to be waiting in my closet tonight?).

In the last half hour of cooking, I added 3 celery stalks that were diced up to the crockpot. I like a little crunchity crunch in my wraps. You can add them at the beginning or omit them whatchu want. And here are the important people in your life right now...and by people, I mean ingredients. That was weird.

Take yoself a large piece of lettuce torn off the iceburg head (I used two to get all wrapped up) and fill it with your chicken mixture, a little cheese, and some light ranch. Roll that shizz up and shove it in your mouth.

I mean it. You have to shove it in there. The things fall apart so easy with hot insides and cold outsides, it was leaking everywheeeeeeere! All I wanted was to get all the yumminess in my mouthhole without losing any of it. This crockpot buffalo chicken is made again and again in our house due to its tastiness...I wasn't about to lose half of mine because my lettuce wasn't performing its duties correctly.

So I did what any rational person would do. Gave a good old Donald Trump "You're fired" hand gesture to the lettuce and wrapped the whole shebang up lovingly in a tortilla blanket so I could ingest it all. All of it. Every piece and dripping of sauce. And that is why I shall never do lettuce wraps again. The end.

Exept you should make this chicken...really, you'll thank me. Now it's the end.

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