Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crab legs

Crab legs are seriously one of the easiest things in the world to prepare. I never made them at home before Justin though, I just never knew how and didn't try to find out. I'm so glad he opened my eyes to the ease of crab legs at home! If they weren't so flipping expensive, we would have them once a week! The ones you get in the store in Iowa are already cooked, so you literally just have to warm them up. Heat a huge stockpot of water to a rolling boil (which does take a bit), throw in some Old Bay seasoning to flavor the water, and toss in your crab legs to drown....don't they look spooky coming out of the water?? 

We happen to have ganked some crab leg crackers from the local Joe's Crabshack, but I use a fork to get to the meat just the same.  As I mentioned before, the only downside to these bad boys is price....which is why they are a special occasion food, hence Valentines dinner. Justin and I still kick ourselves for not stocking the freezer with boatloads of snow crab legs a couple years ago when we randomly found them at HyVee for $3.99 a pound!! Now they go for anywhere between $12.99 and up....major sadface.  Either way, these made for a fantastic main course on the big V-Day, and I will dream of the next time we get to crack open a leg or two together...mmmmmmmm :)
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