Friday, March 30, 2012

Cheese ravioli

Remember when my girlfriends and I got together to make homemade ravioli?  Yeah, this was way easier. In fact, if I were a betting woman, I would guess that I never attempt to make the dough and do all the work to make the stuff from scratch ever again. Enter wonton hero! I couldn't believe how noodle like the wontons turned after being boiled, it was like magic.  So anyway, if you want to do homemade pasta but don't have 2 other people on hand to help pull it through the machine, or 3 hours to get it all cut up correctly, or just don't have the ingredients....use wonton wrappers and tell everyone you made them from'll work, I promise.

I just laid them out on the table and assembly lined the crap out of them! The mixture I used was all the cheeses I had in the fridge at the time since we enjoyed the cheese ones the best when we made them at Michelle's:

1 container cream cheese
1 package fresh mozzerella, diced up
fresh grated parmesan (however much looked like enough)
1 container skim ricotta

Mix it all up and dallop onto the wonton wrappers like so...

Then use a pastry brush, or a basting brush (not sure what they're supposed to be called but it's just a brush I use to brush things on in the kitchen), dip it in water and spread it on the top side and the right side of the wonton wrapper so the hold is secure when you shut up your raviolis.  We don't want that filling creeping out the sides while boiling, now do we?!  By the way, while you're preparing the raviolis I would start my water boiling in a large pot. Fold them over and push to secure like so....

I bagged enough for a meal for Justin and I to throw in the freezer so that next time I want homemade ravioli, it's just there to throw in and boil! More kitchen magic :)

Boil your noodles (in water that is rolling) for 5 minutes or until the color starts to change, you will be able to tell.

I made these on a Saturday and just happened to have all the stuff on hand to make the bolognese sauce that has my heart right simmered on the stove for 5 hours that afternoon. You could use the pesto alfredo cream sauce we made last time if you want to go meatless, it's very quick and has yum to the max. Served with a little fresh parmesan on top and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  That's the only word to really give you the idea of how the cheesy stuffing melts with the soft noodles which meshes with the simmered sauce when they're all fresh off the stove. owe it to yourself to try this sometime. You'll never be able to look at Chef Boyardee's ravioli again!

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