Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Buffalo chicken eggrolls

I may never buy Chinese takeout ever again.  No joke. All of the fakeout takeout food I made on Friday really hit the spot and was sooooo much better for us than eating fried and greased up food that we order in.  AND it was all super duper easy to boot. 

I was excited to make my own eggrolls with the leftover buffalo chicken sammies we had the day before.  I have never made egg rolls but it looks easy enough, right?  I don't really have measurements for all this, as I sort of made it up as I went...but it was super easy to wing it, way easier than I expected actually.

All you need is some cooked chicken with buffalo sauce (if you don't have leftovers like I did):

Some brocolli slaw covered in ranch dressing:

And some egg roll wrappers to roll them up in!

I'm no pro, but I just took the roll and tuck method and went with it...and it worked!  One trick I did learn was to brush some olive oil onto the lip of the roll before rolling it all the way up so it would stick to itself and stay shut. I ended up brushing the whole rig with olive oil so they would crisp up and not stick to the pan when baking (yes, these are baked and not FRIED).

I just rolled until I ran out of something...which ended up being the leftover chicken.  But I still had like 8 egg rolls so it was plenty for the amount of people we had eating.  Throw in the oven at 425 degrees on a baking sheet for about 25 minutes, flipping them over halfway through cooking time.

Final product.....nicely browned and crispy but not greasy and heavy like takeout egg rolls.  Serve with sweet and sour sauce, spicy mustard, or ranch...whatever floats your roll.  Egg roll wrappers are now on my list to always be stocked in the house, and I doubt the takeout place gets much business from us from here on out!

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  1. Ah-great fusion dish here! I love spicy buffalo sauce and just the idea of this in an egg roll is making me crave it. Your pictures have also made an impact. Yum!

  2. Thanks! I was very happy with how they turned out, I will be trying all sorts of new eggrolls in the future!