Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chipotle grilled pork chops

This is not a recipe. I repeat, this is not a recipe. This is a command. I have a whole compartment in my fridge for these Lawry's marinades. A list of all of the flavors can be found HERE, but I personally recommend the Steak and Chop for filets on the grill, the Baja Chipotle (pictured below) for a PERFECT pork chop on the grill, the Caribbean Jerk for grilled shrimp, and the Balsamic Herb for grilled chicken.

Marinated meat is easier than walking...you just can't do it wrong. Pour the marinade on the meat, refridgerate (it says 30 minutes, but I like to do overnight), and throw on the grill when you're hungry. This is my go-to pork on the grill, and you'll see why if you give it a shot...

I steamed some broccoli and threw some leftover parmesan tomatoes with each chop, and it was a fully satisfying, rub your tummy afterwards, fiance-pleasing, type of meal for under 500 calories.  I plan on trying all the other Lawry's flavors this Summer...now that's going to be a fun goal to work towards!

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