Thursday, April 19, 2012

Salmon apple BLT's

I had totally forgotten about these until a couple weeks ago. Which is an absolute shame....but I blame my main man. He has an aversion to salmon that really chaps my arse....which means I don't ever get to make it at home if I want him eating dinner. So what's a girl to do? Invite herself over to her friend Michelle's house so she can make it for her! It also helps if said friend has pregnancy brain and thinks that the dinner date was her own idea so you don't feel rude for inviting yourself over for dinner AND choosing what is served :)

This is one of Michelle's recipes that she came up with to copycat a sandwich made at a restaurant she used to work at a few years back. Obviously, living in Iowa, a BLT just screams Summertime....but add grilled salmon to that, and then add grilled apple slices to that for a little sweetness and you will have a whole new spin on the classic BLT.

Michelle seems to be a master at getting me to try and love things I would normally not make for myself...cases in point: tilapia with mango salsa and sweet and sour chicken. Note that all 3 of these recipes have fruit in them. I'm not sure why I always think I don't enjoy cooking with fruit, because I always love it when she does it...and it seems that I add her recipes to my list of regular rotations in our household.  Anyway, the point is...I know this sounds different...but different is gooooooood, my friends!

sliced apple
salmon fillets
blackened seasoning
turkey bacon
sliced tomato
fat free mayo (or olive oil mayo)
good bread

Season the salmon fillets with blackened seasoning before putting them in foil packets for the grill.  Lay the slices of apple on the grill as well, turning as they get yummy grill marks.

Cook turkey bacon and slice tomato and lettuce....

...and put together your masterpiece! These are so loaded with goodness, it's tough to get it all in your mouth sometimes, so I like to squish mine down when I bite...yum, I shouldn't be posting this close to lunchtime! I couldn't fit all my salmon on the sandwich so I ate the rest of it solo, as you can see...

The bread you choose really makes a difference in the sandwich, just like with any sandwich. This was amazing bread! Look at all those layers....bread, mayo, salmon, lettuce, tomato, apple, bread! My contribution was my new favorite low carb side...I told you guys you would get sick of how much you will see the twice baked cauliflower on my plates! I was full after half of this sammy, but somehow the other half disappeared while I was trying to decide whether to stop or not...funny how that happens.

In other news, little lady A said my name that night!!  Yes, I know it sounds like her own name and she probably doesn't know the difference but don't steal my thunder here, folks! Look at that trouble making little grin while she's stealing my floppers....I heart her :)

She's getting very good at posing for the camera and "cheesing" too...I love that she's not scared of my flash anymore! Ok, enough of the cuteness...and on to see if I can find anything halfway as exciting for lunch as these salmon BLT's...I think I'm going to be disappointed :(

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