Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Palmer's spinner salad

I went to Palmer's a few weeks ago with Justin, to stop in for a quick lunch and get a salad fix.  You  read that right...a salad fix. This is hands down, no contest, not even a contender in sight, my favorite salad in the universe. No exaggeration there at all!

I discovered Palmer's when Brother Ben worked there for a couple of years (the Ankeny one beats all the others in my opinion, but they're all good) and I would visit him there occasionally to have a meal. Their sandwiches are phenomenal, their soups are fantastic, their pasta salads (the pasta primavera in particular) have me drooling here just typing about them, and there aren't even words to describe their brownies. When I moved to Ankeny, in the back of my mind, being closer to Palmer's was a selling point.

The salad below is a version of the salad I get when I get to actual Palmers...it's easier for them to keep everything on hand then it is for me. This salad includes cherry tomatoes, reduced fat feta cheese, turkey bacon crumbles, romaine lettuce, and candied walnuts. I usually skip the candied walnuts and have hard boiled egg, diced cucumber, and brocolli added in but since this is at work, I didn't have access to all my ingredients.

If you are an Iowa resident, you HAVE to try Palmer's spinner salads...and if you're not, keep a lookout for this dressing or something similar in the stores, you won't regret it! I made this for Justin's mom a couple weeks ago and she liked it so much that she went and bought the dressing too...except she bought a gallon of it! If they don't have it for sale in the small bottles at the location you go to, they will sell you the economy sized bottle it turns out....so she did! I'm so glad when other people get as obsessed with something as I do, it makes me feel not so crazy for loving this salad so much!

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