Thursday, May 10, 2012

Butch's pico de gallo

I now have to replenish my Butch's recipes file since I've made all the ones he's given me and I loved every. single. one. Let me know what you've got for me next, sir! :)

5 roma tomatoes
1/2-1 jalapeno
1 seranno pepper
handfull cilantro
1/2 small red onion
a few green onions
2 T roasted red pepper (I left this out since I didn't have it on hand but you can buy it pre-packaged at the store so you don't have to roast your own)
1 T roasted garlic (you can also buy this in the store pre-roasted)
salt and pepper to taste
juice from 2 limes

Dice all these ingredients up and stir to mix. Refrigerate overnight to blend flavors, or just start eating it immediately and ruin your dinner like I did. Serve over tacos (this was the perfect addition to the carne asada tacos that I posted yesterday), eggs, chicken, or with chips...pretty much whatever you can put this stuff on, do it.

This stuff was AH-MAZE-BALLS! I will be making this time and time again. I've made my own pico before but never really had a recipe...using 2 different types of onions and 2 different types of hot peppers just takes it to another level...and I can't wait to try the roasted red pepper in there next time, I'm sure it gives a certain smokiness to the equation.

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