Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pizza paninis

Have you ever had a pizza sub from Subway?  Don't do it. Let me clarify...I'm a huge Subway fan, but their pizza sub is nothing to write home about. Main Man and I stopped in the other day when we were on the road, and discovered that the new pizziola sub is their special this month.

MM: "Why does it take you so long to order? Just get the special, if it's the special, it means it's good."
Me: Reading the entire menu before getting the same thing I always get.
MM: "You would never survive in the real world."
Me: "I feel like I'm doing a decent job of it??"
MM: "In the real world, you have 10 minutes to grab something for lunch and stuff it in your face before getting back to work. So you get the special, because it's the best that day."
Me: "That sounds like a horrible existence if you ask me...."
**Pay and walk to the car**
MM: "This pizza sauce tastes like Spagettios"
Me: "So I guess the special isn't always so special, then is it..."

We have fun, that's what we do. But his logic was proved wrong that day in that Subway...I love being right! :) Anyway, I tasted his sandwich, and his description was correct...on a pizza sub, the sauce is the star of the show and they sure didn't have an A-list cast for their pizza show.  Which leads us paninis! I love the idea of anything pizza, if you can't tell by "pizza" having it's own category on the blog (go check out pizza casserole for my fave)....and I just KNEW I could do a pizza sandwich better than Subway.  Girls night, here we come!

It's super simple, just grab whatever pizza toppings you fancy and start building.  These mushrooms made my sammy sing if you ask me! I just tossed fresh mushrooms in garlic powder and italian seasoning to cook a little before adding to the sandwiches and they gave the sandwiches a great, authentic taste (unless the texture is an issue for you with mushrooms like it is some of my girlfriends).

turkey pepperonis (can't even tell the difference and sooo much better for you)
canadian bacon
mushrooms prepared above
diced green peppers
your fave pizza sauce
italian bread (good bread is a big deal)
fresh mozzarella cheese (gaaahhhhhh, how did I not eat the whole block before dinner was done!?)

Spray your outsides with buttah (I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray works well and has no calories) so it doesn't stick and let these suckers hang out on the Griddler a little together. You can see when the cheese starts oozing out, and you open it up to the pretty grill marks on your bread, that your sandwich is complete.

Look at that cheeeeeeese! These were fantastic, if you ask me....and Main Man tackled 3 of them when he got home so he must've enjoyed the special that day a little better than he did at Subway the other day. I win! :)

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