Monday, May 7, 2012

Italian pasta salad

Amanda had a few of us over last week to her new BEAUTIFUL home for dinner. Man...some girl time, some grill time, windows open with gorgeous weather, and some great conversation can sure make your heart feel least it does mine!

The star of my plate was this pasta salad she threw together for us...I'm going to be replicating this very soon! First of all...bow tie pasta, why are you so cute?! Secondly, I'm glad I got over the picky phase of my younger years where I wouldn't touch a cold pasta salad with a 10-foot fork. Don't ask me just weirded me out that the pasta wasn't's supposed to be hot and have sauce on it, you know??

My go-to recipe is Melissa's pasta salad which I posted last Summer I believe. I can literally eat the stuff by the shovel full.  This ranked right up there with that one, and had totally different flavors so I figure I can just alternate between the two all Summer and my life will never be pasta salad-less...and as Martha Stewart would say--"That's a good thing"! 

Amanda's recipe was pretty simple...and I've learned that amounts don't necessarily matter in pasta salads...put in more or less of something if you like it more or less and you're in business! She used:

turkey pepperoni (I would put money on the fact that you can't tell the diff between this and regular pepperoni!)
bowtie pasta
cherry tomatoes
green bell pepper, diced
cheese chunks (I think there was pepperjack and cheddar in there)
italian dressing (I like to use the fat free zesty italian)

Mix, chill, and serve! The best part about pasta salads? They feed a crowd without dropping a pile of dough. Thanks for the new twist on one of my Summer faves, Amanda! Let me know if I left any of the ingredients out :)

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