Monday, May 21, 2012

Grilled BTC

I tell you what, when I get on a kick, there's no stopping it.  After making the pizza paninis last week, I've been wanting to continue grilling sandwiches each and every chance I get.  I still had some yummy italian bread in the fridge, just waiting to get those perdy grill marks on them, so I dug around to make another fresh sammy for lunch this weekend. From there, the grilled BTC was born...

I wanted to do a mix between a grilled cheese and a BLT, and I knew I had some freaky cheese (from the freaky cheese section in the grocery know, the stuff you're always scared to try) in the fridge that would melt amazingly as a grilled cheese. Fontina and Gruyere are both very mild and melt I piled on some turkey bacon and roma tomatoes to give the grilled cheeses a little BT action. Main Man has had a thing with cooked tomatoes lately, he just loves them, so I figured this would be right up his alley.

Here's what you need:
Turkey bacon
Roma tomatoes, sliced
Gruyere and Fontina cheese (or any other melty and mild cheese)
italian bread
Griddler or grill pan
spray butter to make sure the sandwiches don't stick to the grill

Cook your bacon up and slice your cheeses...

Throw them on the Griddler and give them about 15 minutes to meld and become one...

Take them off and admire your perfectly grilled marks on the bread (and the yummy cheese seeping out the sides)...

Cut them in half and dig. on. in.

I have a small obsession with turkey bacon, I love that it's not greasy and gives me a bacon fix without all the artery clogging grease that comes with normal bacon. Not that I don't have love for the real thing...I just want to fit in my wedding dress this Fall :)

I guess Main Man liked these, considering he took down 2.5 of them and needed a small nap afterwards...

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  1. I have been on a sandwich kick lately, I so need to make this!