Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day tummy fillers

I always look at Memorial Day as the kickoff of Summer, it's one of my favorite holidays for that reason. The beginning of boating, pool time, yard games, summer parties, yummy bbq and potluck food, and ice cold toddies sipped on patios. It always seems like the perfect time of year...looking down the pipeline of Spring, Summer, and Fall. Winter isn't coming back for a loooong time!

Sometimes I forget the real reason for the holiday, it's not the margaritas and the grillouts, you know. Memorial Day is supposed to be used to honor our fallen soldiers, those who have given their lives in our nation's service. Of course, these people gave up their lives for us have the right to enjoy the freedoms we have here in America and they would most certainly promote the celebration of down time with family that a lot of us will enjoy this weekend. This does not have to be a somber holiday, but respect should be paid for the sacrifice these men and women have made in each of our names, in my opinion. So this weekend, while you sit around the picnic table with your family, enjoying each other's company and the kickoff of the Summer, remember that there are a lot of families who have an empty chair at their table in order to give you the freedoms you possess as an American.  Think about them for a moment, and count your blessings.  I know I will....

I had a friend email me asking for suggestions of appetizers to bring to a holiday bbq this weekend so I though I would share some solid Summertime recipes with you all in case you're drawing a blank on what to make. If you're attending a get-together or hosting one of your own, here is a list of tested and approved, Summer-worthy munchies so that you can enjoy the holiday as it was meant to be enjoyed...

caprese skewers
tortilla rollups
feta dip
taco salad
strawberry poppyseed salad
creamy pesto pasta salad
pesto and cream cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes
bacon wrapped shrimp
jalapeno corn dip
Mama K's pasta salad
BLT pasta salad
tomato cucumber salad
bacon ranch potato salad
Winning pasta salad
italian pasta salad
best ever deviled eggs
bacon wrapped teriyaki water chestnuts
grilled veggie salad
corn and zucchini orzo salad
bacon ranch grilled potatoes
refrigerator cucumbers

Here are some main meats that won't leave you looking for anything else to nibble on....

baked pork ribs (you can do them on the grill wrapped in foil instead of baking, they're wonderful that way)
crockpot pulled pork sandwiches
my famous stuffed burgers (I will be making a HUGE batch of these for the weekend along with some new salads I will be posting about afterwards)
best ribs ever
swordfish and steak kebabs
flank steak 3 ways (there are links in this link to 2 other great flank steak recipes....flank steak is my new fave on the grill!)

If you're interested in inbibing, here are a couple of drinks you don't want to miss out on....

champagne punch
pomegranite margaritas
beer margaritas

I know I shared the margaritas again recently on Cinco de Mayo, so it should be a clue that I'm sharing them again so soon. Get after them! :) 

If you're the type who has a sweet tooth in the warm Summer months, check these out:

strawberry icebox cake
lemon bars
smores bars
cheesecake stuffed strawberries
skinny minnie cheesecakes (these are my fave even though the pic doesn't do them justice!)
strawberry sour cream ice cream
angel food with greek yogurt

I hope everyone enjoys their long holiday weekend...let me know if you have anything interesting planned to eat or make!

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