Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baked hashbrowns and kitchen gadgets...

Did you ever watch those Ron Popeil infomercials in awe and want to steal your parent's credit card to purchase each and every amaaaaaazing product he showcased and sold because you simply couldn't live without it? Oh, that was just me. I'm fo sho going to be one of those little old ladies spending her fortune on cool schtuff she sees on tv...yeah, I'm planning on having a fortune, hopefully that part of my life plan comes true.
Anyway, I was always mesmerized by the gizmos and gadgets that would make life so easy and do a million things in one little box, and was sooooo cheap (3 easy payments of $19.95 and it's yours)! And I haven't changed much. Main Man and I went to the Home and Garden show earlier this year in Des Moines (yes, this post has been sitting here waiting to see the light of day since February) and there was a man putting on a demonstration with this Miracle Kitchen Plus. He made salsa, he made eggs, he sliced, he diced, he grated, he chopped.....BUT WAIT, there's morrrrrre! He squeazed, he juiced, he julienned....whew! I NEED this thing. And lucky for me, Main Man knows when to argue and when to just pull out the wallet. So I scored me a Miracle kitchen Plus (for the low, one time price of $19.99)!!

Normally, when impulse buying, I use the crap out of the item at first and then when the initial after purchase glow of cooking fun wears off, the item sits in the closet collecting dust. Not this time, folks (I pinky swear I'm not getting paid for this)...

We made homemade hashbrowns by shaving potato strings....

We seasoned them with olive oil and Paul's Gunpowder, which was another impulse buy at the home and garden show that I just adore...going to need to buy more of that stuff this year. No MSG, the perfect amount of heat without any of that saltiness...I use it on everything.

Bake them up and you got breakfast browns, my friend...not fried.

We minced veggies up all perfect and tiny to add to our omelettes...jalops, onions, tomatoes, garlic.

Omelette and hashbrowns, anyone?

But wait...THERE'S MORE! Main Man decided he wanted apple juice with his he squeazed himself some fresh from the big D.

I will admit you need more than one apple if you like more than a shooter of juice though...sorry, we're noobs at this.
Anywho...this was our initial day of fun with the gadget but I have since begun using it instead of the food processor when I make salsa and spagetti sauce. I also use it to whip eggs with milk to make the fluffiest omelettes, and to grate cheese. I still don't juice much, it seems a lot easier to buy that stuff at the store. All in all, this thing was well worth the one easy payment we made, and probably fueled my addiction of buying weird kitchen gadgets even more. I guess if one in 3 work this well, it's worth it right? Right?!?
I just looked this up on Amazon to give you guys a link if you're interested in it...most reviews are just like mine, people love it! I did however find out the price is a bit lower on win some,  you lose some.
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  1. Need. That. Gadget. P.S. You should totally get paid for your unpaid plug!