Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kratoska wedding shower

It's crunch time, people. It's not even getting down to crunch time, crunch time is upon us. And I realized I haven't shared ANY of my amazing showers with you over the last couple of months. I'm losing my head, I tell you. I have now been thrown three wedding showers, by three very loving families (the Kratoska side, the Jamison side, and my loverly lady friends who are family as well in my opinion). The first one was in August, although it seems like it wasn't that long ago, these last couple months have evaporated in my busy mind. My 2nd cousin Betsy threw the Kratoska shower in her lovely home in Rochester, and her hubs and two boys even cleared out for the day and night so us ladies could take over! It was so very nice to see everyone and I was in awe of the spread that Betsy and her mom, Teri laid out for us. This was a foodie's dream, you guys...
Here's my analogy: you know when you played Super Mario Brothers on the Super Nintendo when you were younger? Yes, it does date you to admit that you know what the game is but it also gives you awesome points, so it evens out. Anyway, you know those vines that you had to climb to get up to the cloud world and gather all the good stuff like one ups and coins and all the heavenly fruits of your labor and knowledge of the game? You know when you get up there and you frolic and float through the cloud world collecting all these bonuses? Well, the drive to Rochester was like the climb to the heavens, and when we saw the spread it was like seeing the heavens filled with coins and extra lives....blissful.  I hope I'm not creeping you out with my Super NES obsession. I kinda want to dig the old one at work out right now. Anyway, I hope you get my drift. This shower was amazing, and I truly appreciate all the hard work Betsy put into the planning and execution of this celebration. It was the perfect kick off to wedding events and made the whole getting married thing seem real to me.
So thank you, Betsy, although thanks isn't enough. And I will leave you all with a link to the lovely Betsy's blog, Blessed Beyond the Storm, in which you will be able to feel her love through her writing as well. I shall also leave you with pics of the fantabulous bonuses, coins, and one ups I worked my way through at her house that day....get a napkin beforehand to wipe up the drool from your keyboard.  Happy Tuesday, all!
Tortilla wraps

Amazing variety of breads

Fresh fruit bowl

Grey and yellow m&m's (the wedding colors)

Pound cake

Flourless chocolate cake
Mini cheesecakes (to. die. for.)

Chicken bruschetta (going to need this recipe)

Bacon wrapped filet

Massive spread of cheeses (gahhhhhh)

The Lovely Betsy

My cookbook to add all the Kratoska recipes that I was given that weekend :)
My mother was given this dish as a wedding gift at her shower in 1978

My great Grandma Maude's wedding china, Betsy gave up a piece of the set for me, what a perfect gift!

We played the dice game!

We made our own wine glasses to take home

My cousin Emma and I
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