Friday, October 5, 2012

Egg sandwich

Easy post Friday, all! Busy, busy this week! We had my bachelorette party last weekend so getting things put back together after that, plus helping get ready for Main Man's bachelor party this weekend, as well as preparing to help throw a baby shower for one of my bridesmaids (shoutout to Baby Loeffelholz and Mama Amanda!) so this week has just flown by...the wedding is really sneaking up on me, you's creepy to think I will only be a Kratoska for a couple more weeks.
One of the Kratoska family traditions was Grandpa Jim's chili making on Sundays. There are pics of him in his undies with his apron on, getting his chili all set to simmer all day on Sunday morning. I love the feeling that photo gives me, and wonder if that's the reason I love to make breakfast on the weekends, when I'm not really a breakfast person during the week. Normally I just grab a Slimfast shake to head to work and that's that. But when we're home for the weekend, and lazying around getting the day started, I love to make a little (or big) breakfast for Main Man and I to sit at the table together to enjoy. Sometimes he even cooks, as you can see with his breakfast burritos that are out of this world. There's something about breakfast with the one you love on a sunny Fall morning...especially when you have a new Kuerig coffee maker that your bridesmaids got you for your wedding shower!
This is a pretty easy, very quick one if you're not looking to be in a food coma afterwards. Toast a piece of bread, fry up an egg with some seasoned salt, fry a piece of ham and layer all this stuff faced egg sammy for the win!
1 egg, fried
1 piece pepperjack cheese (2% is what I use)
1 t mayo (olive oil mayo is my fave right now)
1 piece toasted bread
1 piece real ham
Heat up a skillet with some fat free Pam and put an egg in there to fry once it gets hot. Put the ham on the other side of the skillet to cook. Flip the ham after a couple minutes and put the cheese on top of the ham to melt. Toast your bread at this point. When the bread comes out of the toaster, spread the mayo on it. Put the ham with the melted cheese on top of that, then nestle the egg on top. I enjoy dippy eggs, but Main Man wants his hard. To each his own, but I love the yolk to run all over everything once I puncture it. A little love to sop up with every part of the sammy...doesn't that just give you a weekend warm fuzzy? 
The best part of this? I almost always have all these ingredients on hand so there's no store trips needed. Hope you all enjoy your weekend as much as I plan to enjoy mine...happy Friday!

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