Monday, October 15, 2012

Bridesmaids wedding shower and bachelorette party

Here it is. My last post with the Kratoska name. I'm taking wedding week off from all unnecessary responsibilities to focus on not pulling out my hair or grinding my teeth in my sleep. No time for cooking...actually, that's a blatant lie. I cook when I stress. I made two different homemade soups to freeze and homemade spagetti sauce to can this weekend. Yeah, when I get overwhelmed, I add more things to my to-do list...go ahead and try to tell me how counterproductive that is...I won't listen. So I do have some things to share with you, just no time to write about them. Such is life. I'll be back next week with all sorts of fun things to talk about, and a brand shiny new last time to boot!
Today, I shall share with you in photos, the final shower and my bachelorette party that were both thrown by "the girls". The girls are my people. They're the ones that have been around, some since high school (I don't care to mention how long that's been) and some the last few years, through the great times, the crap times, the times when I need to spill and vent, the times when I need wine and girl talk, the times when I cry happy tears, the times when I have sad tears. We've been through four weddings together, 3 babies, as well as 2 pregnancies with babies on the way right now, some multiple states apart, some 10 minutes away...all of these girls are irreplaceable in my life. They sure know how to make a girl feel special, and I hope they understand how deep an appreciation I have for everything they did to make that weekend unforgettable. Thanks, ladies...I couldn't be as happy as I am in life if it weren't for your support, advice, and love throughout the years.  Here's a toast on the last Monday of my single life, to you!
The Girls :)

They snuck my Aunt Lisa in from Chicago to surprise me :)

Cheesecake bar....stop it!

Mini lasagnas

Caprese skewers, fruit and dip, and buffalo chicken dip
Manda and I getting the bachlorette party kicked off!
Mama K and her sissies

The girls and I at the winery for our tasting

Mama K, the aunts and I :)

Bet you didn't have a prego pole dance at your bachelorette party!

What a perfect night!

Aunt Vicki and I

My moms :)

Cousin Michelle and I!
So there you have it. All the festivities leading up to the festivity of my life...I will be sure to share with you some wedding photos after the big day is behind us. Until then, so long blogosphere...I will be a Stensland when I return! :)

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