Monday, October 1, 2012

Zucchini pizzas

My zucchini savior, Mallory, dropped me off a couple honkers a while back and I was a kid in a candy store figuring out how I would use them. First off I made bolognese sauce subbing zucchini for carrots and celery...and I was pleased. Then I saw this. On Pinterest. Pinterest is evil sometimes. I see an idea and I get obsessed with it. It's on my mind until I can make it, DIY it, craft it, or do it.  This was one of those pins that got me (I picture it pinning me like in a wrestling you?) and I sliced up a zucchini the minute I got home.

As you know from last week's post of mini turkey and quinoa pizzas, I always keep pizza ingredients on hand (canadian bacon, turkey pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, sauce, pizza seasoning, mushrooms). I'm a fat kid at heart, what can I say? I'm also a food slore (I'm sure you can imagine what two words are the base for that word), and actually I would probably be more acutely classified as a pizza slore. I don't discriminate when it comes to the pie, I'm open for all sorts of pizza experimentation (remember these portabello pizzas?) and annihilation.

You guys! These were soooooo good! Like I wish you could hear me right now because I'm screaming this at you! I am in luuuurve. I thought about bringing some to bed with me to keep under my pillow but I didn't think Main Man would approve. "What's this? Pizza sauce on your pillowcase?" "Don't worry about it...stay on your side of the bed and mind your business."

In conclusion, make these. And get yourself a Mallory who will give you zucchini. That is all.

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